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Trips color Noint Joint colorOh, it turned dark. Yes the Noint Joint (left) spectrum ranges from the ultraRedViolet of the Akasha (background) to the ultraBlueViolet of Trips (right). Yes, the background color of this page is a good color for the Akasha. I'm careful to not light too brightly what is normally beyond light or dark. (Adjust your monitor.)

The Akashic Record is part of the interface between the divided and the undivided. The Akashic Record contains everything that was once divided by one and is now divided by none. It is divided by zero. Here are source pictures from the Akashic Port color healing series.

healing color values equalized color values equalized to 50%

dark colors dark colors fading darker colors

The first image is the color healing. The rest show the transformation into pure color, eliminating light and dark, by bringing the colors to the same value as the background, the Akasha. The series starts here. A Java applet downloads the viewer, embedded on the page, and the graphic spins. It is set to time out after 10 seconds and go to the next view. The circling continues until you click "Akashic Port" and return to this page.

To control the jumps between ports , start here. Click the Next label on each page, which takes you to the next movie in the Akashic Record color healing series. Click Akashic Port to return to this page.

Alternatively, click an image on this page to see its color port.

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