Akashic Port color healing information

Here is information about a panoramic view of a port into a color rune healing for the Akasha.

To view these small files, a Java applet downloads temporarily, so you don't need a plug-in for a Macintosh or PC browser. You are in a spherical space, in the round. You spin back, forth, up and down, just as you would look around if you were really there, inside a color port.

If the darker colors all look black, see Access, seeing colors.

Here is a list of the panoramas in the color healing series. For automatic spinning see the options.

Akashic Port color rune casting
AkashicPort balanced
AkashicPort Dark Turquoise
AkashicPort Dark Turquoise faded
AkashicPort Dark Turquoise faded record
Akashic record


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