Akasha Color Access

In May, 1999, I received an email asking about symbols to access to the Akashic Record. My answer was Color.

Is color a possible way to be or represent information? I'm presenting an entry-level color access. It is what came to me when I asked. The 216 web-safe colors are at regular intervals from each other. 40 easter eggs add the light bright colors to make a reasonably rainboid palette. The meaning of "web-safe" is that the colors display correctly in popular web browsers on 8-bit systems (that is, systems set to display 256 colors). The easter egg colors are dithered, or mixed on such systems. For 16-bit and above, thousands or more colors, all 256 Akasha access colors display correctly.

Is this "the" way (or even a possible way) to approach the Akashic Record in color? You tell me.

A good way to contemplate the color cube is to follow the path of a ray entering the cube at one color, passing through the center, and leaving through a color on the opposite side. The path is from a color through the blend to grey and then to the color's opposite. You can't see that in these graphics yet.

You can see the rainbow colors on the white point side of the outer shell. See the shadow colors on the black point side of the outer shell. Study the transition of a single color from its native intensity as it goes monochromatically to white or to black.

These pages show the color choices in different ways.

I'll try this to see how it works. If I have success, I will give my method and examples of results. I'm open to your ways too. Let me know. For color healing and the color port transformations, see the Akashic Record index. If you can't read this page, click the Recolor button and try the white or Wholeo Online background. For a panoramic VR, interactive 360-degree view, see Inside the Duo-Tet Color Cube. See also the Color Access page.

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