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In 2004, Michelle MacAlpine, Ph.D., of Brain Training Associates, Inc., Plano, TX contacted me. She identified herself as a developmental neuroscientist who is self-publishing a book for parents about new methods for rehabilitating children with brain damage.  She said she had seen my Wholeo dome pictures and fell in love with them. She wanted to use one of the pictures of my work on the cover of her book. I was delighted and gave her permission. I have waited a long time for a scientist to find value in my visions.

On the first sheet in the book is the inscription:

COVER IMAGE: photo courtesy of Caroling copyright 2000
Wholeo Stained Glass Dome image from Wholeo Online at

"Consciousness appears as an imaginative vision, a cross-section of
a brain cell. Upper right, the rods, excited and lit up like lanterns,
project the information in concentric circles of associations."


This quote is adapted from the online Book of Wholeo dome on one of these web pages: low (quick), medium (slower), or hi-resolution graphics (slow).

brain cell Notice the original orientation of the glass panel in the dome. Reading the text regarding the rods in the upper right correlates to this position. The picture of the book cover on the website is correct. Dr. MacAlpine has promised to rotate the graphic correctly when the book is republished.

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