3-Strand DNA model with inner birth painting

Visions on the Night Before a New Era

The period from December 19-22 is the culmination of the year's visionwork and I'm planning to fully engage in the 2012 transition. This page is for planning action on Dec. 20, the night before Dec. 21 when we go beyond the Mayan Calendar cycle, align with the galactic center, honor interconnections, and hopefully transition into a more positive mindspace. Here is the context.

December 20, 2012

I'll try to be brief to prepare to meditate at 5am CST tomorrow morning just before the solstice. If you want to get deeper, see my website and search for topics. Pass around. For solstice and galactic consciousness, like grounding to earth under feet, need to orient to center of galaxy and where we are going, to the east. Bring out my iphone and point to where the sun is.

Until spring 2012 I paid attention to news about this year, issues of possible significance and specific dates. I read Arguelles' book, The Mayan Factor, talked to this group about web links and different outcomes on December 21 (see Notes). But I had nothing to offer. I remained an interested observer.

That changed on April 14. I was engaged in my daily yoga when I entered a shamanic vision. Very real. Different from my usual visions that are clearly daydreams. Time seemed to have dissolved and not be important. An event that happened in 1980 was transforming, updating.

The movie gives the flavor. I was there in Peru and at the same time here in Florida now. I have remembered that day vividly for the 32 years since it happened. I'm on the top of a hill in a sleeping bag surrounded by eight Aymara indian men carrying ropes and farm tools. Back then I was terrified and fled for my life (see detailed story).

Room setup

Transform the meditation circle of chairs into a "Visionwork Circle" on layout. Spaced out on the chairs are notes for the farmers, acquaintance, and rays that have scripted parts in the vision drama.

Rainbow flag for feminine ray in NW corner (by hall entrance to room).

UN flag for masculine ray in S (Center of wall with windows).

Four buffalo for the 4 directions N, S, E and W at angles to the room.

South America in SW corner (left end shelf in W)

Crux Stars, Tetlix, and Cygnus Stars in the W spaced along wall shelf

North America in N against door wall across from entrance to Visionwork Circle contains backpack with sleeping bag, flashlight, books, notes.

Walking Meditation Visions

6 minutes. First let's do a simple visualization as we walk in a double spiral out, around the room and back into the Visionwork Circle. Here's a poem by Thich Nhat Hanh:

The mind can go in a thousand direction
but on this lovely path I walk in peace
with each step a gentle wind blows
with each step a flower blooms.

Focus on steps. Create the flower, imagine what it looks like, and remember it in image, words, or metaphor. Keep a flower in the back of your mind to share later. Here's what I did after walking. This brings up the following

Principles of visions

Set an intention

When walking now, my intention was to be present, feel the wind, and see a bloom at a footstep.

Be open minded

In walking now, I needed to see a bloom, to picture it. Would it be different at each step? Growing?

Pay attention

Be nonjudgmental, with lack of expectations, looking outside as well as in for significant images. Are there real flowers here today? Recognize the picture. Mine (shown above) is red floppy poppy. White Tibetan wavy border next middle ring. Black spots forming hunab ku with yellow center flourish and white. What's that? Some say, some say this and that. Words help memory of images but first try to see before saying, unless the vision is in words. Find your own truth.

Act on results

When walking now I try to plant the flower, feeling a kind of light joy in the placement and embellishment of the path. Honoring the vision brings more visions. If you let it pass, you will discourage visions and get less. Make the vision concrete, however painful or irrelevant it may seem. Sometimes the most insight comes from the lowliest image.

Rejoice in confirmation

Balance intuition with reason, and share. For the flower visualization there's no confirmation other than the fact that I like the art enough to use it as a logo. Others have liked it too.

Reiteratively Interpret

Streamline your visions. Say what if? What else? Apply different scale, merge different things. Leaps of imagination. Suddenly I imagine car wheels planting a flower on each rotation and cars and drivers connecting along the roadways as if holding hands. The whole drive seems magical, fragrant, beautiful and I'm more aware of other drivers and alert to what they might do.

Walking to Visionwork Circle

2 minutes. Follow single-file. When walking we go clockwise (CW) out of the meditation circle and counterclockwise (CCW) into the visionwork circle. Balancing directions is a harmonizing feature of intentional creative visualization. Logic and intuition balance each other out. We'll do walking meditation on the way back also.


13 minutes."Visionwork" is adaptation of dreamwork. It is a play on energy work (qigong). Also we will be playing parts. I'll read and act out. Script entries for others' cues.

At North America - One day in late 1970s in a bookstore I am drawn to a book. Reading it what seemed like guidance leads me to go to Peru on a spiritual journey and help ground the Feminine Ray. Briefly, it says a Masculine Ray centered in the Himalayas has been influencing us for over 5,000 years. Now it is now time to recognize the Feminine Ray; bring etherial energies of earth into balance. I feel called to this task. I inherit money to go and other life details fall into place.

As far as the principles of visions:

Set an intention: In 1981 in Peru I decide to ground the Feminine Ray, come what may. I am expecting collaboration. I do not feel like I am the only one to heed this call. The intention to work as part of a group or team is vague. It does not specifically predict the vision in Matrix 2012 or describe the result at all.

Be open-minded: When I feel led to Peru I have to continue in spite of logistics, like money for a trip. I have to trust that it is the right thing to do and worth it, no matter what. With Matrix 2012 I have to not judge the men, worry that they probably forgot me. How likely is it that they are all still there and travel astrally? As with any vision, I can't be so preoccupied with tasks that I can't recognize valid visions, which can appear at inopportune times.

Pay attention: For me awareness, writing and drawing are all important, kind of like channeling, I let it flow through expressively. Keep it. Refer to it.

Act on results: For Peru the vision is complicated and has many phases. The first step is to envision the task as clearly as possible before making the trip. In the Matrix 2012 vision this spring, it has become my 2012 mission, completing partially in sharing it with ECMS.

Rejoice in confirmation: That happens unevenly and I'm very grateful for outer signs verifying my path.

Before I leave, an acquaintance who had spent a year in the area warns me:

Script: Acquaintance: Be careful. When I was there murders happened and were rarely prosecuted. People disappeared without consequences. There is no legal protection in rural areas with native people.

I stick to my guidance however, that lead me to walk on foot to a small town and find the hill with all the features called for in my visions.

I come to Matrix in center of circle. It is a June morning, the height of winter in the southern hemisphere as I leave the town, heading for the hills. As I set off from town early, a

Script: farmer 1 looks at me in agitation saying "¿A dónde vas?" "Where are YOU going?" "Hasta el lago." "Up to the lake" I say cheerfully. He shakes his head, "No." I don't know what he's saying and I don't want to. It's not his land. I turn on my way. This is it. Either I find Matrix or fail.

At Matrix (in center of circle) I hike up there with my backpack and spend a rapturous day feeling complete and fulfilled at getting more guidance about what to do next and completing the mission. Sleep and watch stars. The next day is as productive until that moment that I had get into my sleeping bag. As the sun is setting, I am eating dinner.

Script: All farmers get up and very slowly approach the center of the circle. Then they appear. They speak Spanish, which I hardly know, a second language for all of us, since they are Aymara. Even though I see the tools and the rope knotted as a noose, I say "Buenas noches, senors", trying to sound like they are paying a friendly visit.

Script: Farmer 2 has the line: "¿Por qué no dormir en una casa?" They ask why I don't sleep in a house. They look at the area, apparently studying my impact. I had been told that this was public property but this group acts like I am trespassing on theirs. I show them my artwork. "I'm a teacher." "The starsare beautiful." Finally

Script: Farmer 3 said "Os dejamos". (I thought) "we leave you." (Farmer 3 motions to others and they retreat to South America corner. They disappear in the dark. One of the men was the farmer who questioned me the morning before. I know it would take just one to disagree with the leader and return in the night. I am incredibly afraid. Following the stars, the constellation Crux, the southern cross, is in the south. I know the town is southwest and I find a path.

Script: I go to the edge of the circle with my flashlight shining on Crux stars and bang on the door "Ocho hombres!!!!!!!!! Terrible". The restaurant lady lets me in. In the morning I leave town.

How sad to have to leave after planning for so long to be here. I charge the local animals to be witness of these events and carry them down for generations. I go back to NA. Farmers go back to SA. While I'm talking they gradually put down their tools and return to their seats.

From that date on, I've never had a second thought, never doubt my feelings that they did not want me there, they considered me to be an outsider, and I was wise to have left. I think that was the single most dangerous and simultaneously courageous and foolish thing I've ever done. I also am very glad that I followed my guidance. A dream come true.

I write the book On the Way to Machu Picchu. I go into electronics and to work for the computer industry. After counting 31 years, it is 2012, everything is increasingly connected. On April 14, doing yoga I come into mindspace where the visualizations are real. The pose is belly down under Shasta and connecting through the magma of earth to Peru. I am up there when the men come (then and now being the same). I realize it is not a threat situation. That is, by not being afraid, we all transcend ourselves. So we work as a team. But we need to do more now. A fiber needs to be inserted in each DNA (that is all on earth).

Script: men come around in the octagonal shape, and each farmer speaks: "We want world peace", "We want you to come back", "We want to be friends", "Our lake is drying up", "Our crops are dying", "Our ways are under threat", "Join us", "We will work together".

I'm surrounded by 8 meditating men, all focusing on peace and accepting me and all of my mission, grateful for the connection. In fact there are positive aspects that I have never dreamed of, that had never occurred to me. The main thing is global, specifically north/south integration. Like Europe and Africa, China and Southeast Asia, North and South America. So I've joined them. I invite you to act out the breathing practices to create a vision of 3-strand DNA. Notice how each of the three edges of the form is a spiral which is called a helix as in the DNA double helix.

3-Strand DNA model2-Strand DNA model


Do one tet outline by breathing in to the near stars, the constellation Cygnus (Northern Cross). Breathe out to Peru. Breathe in to the far stars, the constellation Crux (Southern Cross). Breathe out to North America. After doing one tet, see if can imagine a double breathing, seeing the tet as you do it. The evolutionary idea is to create a vision of tetrahedrons connecting then and now, 1981 and 2012, South and North America, them and us.

We can visualize breathing each tetrahedron of the tetlix model, affirming 3-strand DNA. Start at the bottom, breathing in to one empty triangle, out to the other. Breathe in to the lower colored triangle, out to the upper. Move to the next tetrahedron in the stack. Repeat the four phases of breathing for each tetrahedron, finishing at the top.

After breathing do qigong energy sharing around the circle. Seeing the eight men surrounding me maybe doing a transmute fear into peace qigong play. Lay down their weapons, breathe out. Come back out to circle, breathe in. The men retreat to SA place, I retreat to NA place.

Back to Meditation Circle for Sharing

Visions of Matrix 2012 is my sharing my visionary process with you. It is an ordinary vision, nothing special, I'm not promoting this vision as anything to compete with your own or visions by anyone else. I share it as an example of what can happen if you look within and act on what you see, hear, and experience. I'm sharing this now because to me it relates to this time. I think it is fitting that we in this country especially, many or most of whom are descending from immigrants and cultures foreign to the Americas, that we pay homage to ancient wisdom.

Flower footsetpPeople say that the Mayan calendar ends a 4th age about this time and a 5th age starts. They say this is aligned with the center of the galaxy that is our fulcrum, center of turning and our planet that wobbles around our axis every 26,000 years is aligned with the galaxy. A special time worth considering. The message of transforming fear into love seems to resonate globally at this time.

I've shared my image of the flower that bloomed at each step of walking meditation. Does anyone have a vision to share?

Press Release

Title: Visions on the Night Before a New Era

Caroling Geary to act out visions with group at Dec. 20 ECMS meeting

Caroling Geary will present a vision, act it out with the group, share a breathing visualization and encourage people's own visions in a talk titled "Visions on the Night Before a New Era." She will be speaking at the Dec. 20 meeting of the Emerald Coast Meditation Society.

The evening will be the first of three ECMS events surrounding the solstice, including a sunrise meditation on the beach near the WaterColor-Seaside border on Dec. 21, and a silent all-day retreat at the Coastal Branch Library on Dec. 22.

The meeting will start with a 30-minute silent meditation at 6:30 p.m. at 480 N. Co. Hwy. 393, Santa Rosa Beach, one-half mile north of Hwy. 98. The ECMS follows no religion and does not charge.

Geary says she paid attention to the 12/21/12 phenomenon for 15 years without much involvement until this year, when she unexpectedly entered a shamanic vision.

“Very real. Time dissolved,” she says. In 1981, following artistic visions, she had undertaken a trip to a remote area in the Peruvian Andes, found the site she was guided to, and completed her intended work there. Suddenly she was surrounded by eight farmers who seemed hostile, and she abruptly left. In her 2012 vision the eight reappeared in peace with a message. In the vision she was there in Peru and at the same time here in Florida now.

Geary will lead the ECMS group to reenact the vision and act on the message as an example of creative visualization. She will encourage participants to seek their own truth within.

In Minnesota, in 1954, Carol Lind (her birth name) wished to record exterior reality in art. In California, in 1967, she began to record what she saw with her eyes closed. She changed her name to Caroling. Honoring her intuition led her to guidance, spiritual healing and being open to visions (not hallucinations).

In 1980, having read "The Secret of the Andes," she was guided to go to Peru on a mission that initiated another big life change. “As if fully half my brain had been dormant,” she says, “it was now activated and I became interested in math, science, and especially everything about the computer industry.” She worked as an electronic technician, test equipment programmer and technical writer, in addition to continuing her mystic visions and art work.

Upon retiring in 1996, she has worked fulltime on her website wholeo.net, continuing after moving to Walton County in 2002. She enjoys daily yoga and walking, taking movies and photographs, and surfing the web.

The evening will conclude with a short guided meditation. The ECMS meets on the first and third Thursday of every month except July and August. Anyone who needs meditation instruction should arrive by 6:15 p.m. For information contact Nancy James (after Dec. 18).

These events are also listed under Season, Year 2012. See 12 solstices and equinoxes.

3-Strand DNA model with cosmic birth painting
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