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Hunab Ku

What Does 2012 Mean for Us?

Here are notes for a talk to the Emerald Coast Meditation Society for the September 2010 Equinox, entitled, "What Does 2012 Mean to Us"? I'll start with what it means to me and others I've found, listen to what it means to each of you, and hope we can form some idea of shared interests among and between us in conclusion.

I became aware in 1998, 15 years before 2012

When did I become aware of the significance of 2012? First, my background story. I was born on December 21, 1934 so the solstice becomes ever more near and dear to me each year on my birthday. In 1968, studying astronomy, I learned how at the solstice we are on a line with the sun and the center of the galaxy. I was also creating drawings, paintings, and stained glass art based on paying attention to visions that came when I closed my eyes. This was the basic vision quest of my life, inspired by Buckminster Fuller who instead of committing suicide got permission from his wife to be silent for the two years that it took to look inward to find truth. I was pregnant and vividly aware of the wisdom of my body that could create new life without following instructions. I had dropped out (even though older than most hippies) and needed to find my own way out of the contradictions experienced in the 60s.

The visions were beautiful and came with meanings. I got the information storage block in the brain. I saw how they fit together. The two tetrahedrons within each cube functioned as a light muscle. I was mapping the geometry of psyche.

Fast forward thirty years to 1998. I knew that people responded intuitively to the visions because I put many of them into a stained glass dome that people visited for 6 years. I had developed the meanings in art fiction books but found little interest from people. I had explored the other half of my brain/mind/existence by studying electronics, math, and programming, and making money in the computer industry. I had retired and was putting the art and technology together on my website. Based on my visions, I explore evolution of consciousness.

I was interested in the change of consciousness that might come with the change of millennium in the years 2000-2001. I thought of it as a grand New Year with a change of magnitude. A chance to review the past, revel in the present, and make resolutions for the future similar to the UN, that made millennial milestones just celebrated on the International Day of Peace. I hoped for expansion of consciousness. Then I found 2012.

The 2012 people went beyond that. In January 1998 I was on an email list called Network 2012 from the website Both now gone. The key info was from Drunvalo Melchizedek about The Prophets Conference in Oct. 1997 (now here: His notes below have the major points, still true.

"This is the time we have been all preparing for the last 13,000 years -1998 to 2012 - a fifteen year period. If everything all the prophets have said about that period of time come true, we are about to be truly changed into a new kind of human.

"So what is it about 1998 to 2012? All the prophets of the past have pointed to this time. The Indigenous People of the World, The Native Americans (The Hopi & the Taos Pueblo), The Hopi - The White Brother/Sister, The Zulu Tribe in Africa believes in the coming change. The Mayan believes by the prophecy of their elders and the 'Sixth Sun'. The Seventh Sun is coming. The Japanese with the prophecies of 'Amaterasu' returning to earth at this time. Nostradamus and his predictions. Edgar Casey and his prophecies ...

"Different dates proposed but the most common is December 21 at 11:11 a.m., 2012.

"So now that the 'Time of Great Change' is here, what do we do? What is truly important here is your state of consciousness during this transition."

I remember learning that Drunvalo was a "walk-in", experiencing himself as coming from a distant planet somewhere else in the universe and walking into a being on earth. I just read and that info is missing. What a wonderful, well-educated and experienced person.

Drunvalo is the author of 4 books published in 29 languages. Has over 300 trained and certified facilitators teaching in over 60 countries. He majored in physics, minored in math and was close to graduation when he realized that physicists only slowly accepted new truths. Switched to other side of brain and got a degree in fine arts. Retreated to wilderness and lived off land. Connected with inner child. Studied Hindu meditation. Then angels appeared saying "We are you". The kind of guidance he got is compelling including addresses and phone numbers of teachers and when to start and stop listening to a teacher.

I was drawn to his teaching about the Flower of Life. It is a geometry basically like what I had envisioned. But he had global followers that attended his workshops and certified practitioners to spread his teachings. One of the core practices was rotating the two tetrahedrons, exactly as I had artworked in my overall storage block and tetrahedronal light muscle (which he calls the Merkaba).

This stunned me. It establishes the basis for telepathy in my view. Or if we really are isolated beings, at the very least we are incredibly similar and have many identical thoughts. It sparked my interest in 2012.

When Drunvalo mentioned 13,000 years, that is half of the 26,000 years of the precession of the equinoxes, called axial precession in astronomy. That is how long it takes for earth to wobble on its axis and return to the north star being in the north. See as well as Wikipedia. This gets into another topic important to 2012 that interests me: galactic alignment. More later.

Arguelles, 25 years before 2012 and onward to 2013

To find the roots of the fascination with 2012, most sources look back to Jose Arguelles publishing The Mayan Factor in 1987. Arguelles put together previous ideas and popularized them. In 1987 I had observed a global peace meditation that Arguelles called the Harmonic Convergence, seen as a precursor to a Harmonic Convergence in 2012.

Arguelles* was AKA Valum Votan, Closer of the Cycle (name and ceremonial staff given by Nine Indigenous Elders atop the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, in 2002). Father of the Whole Earth Festival in 33rd year at Davis CA. Someone invited me to show Wholeo Dome there in 1975, another link in my relationship to his path. I didn't know about him then. But I did go to that festival having started a Cosmic Color Fellowship. His Ph.D. was in art history and he has been a professor at some major institutions including Princeton, U of CA and CO. He studied meditation with Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche but felt it is important to return to UR, the Universal Religion. Lifelong investigation of the math and prophecies associated with the Mayan calendar. Invented Dreamspell, an interactive game.

Jose Arguelles was an artist or employed wonderful artists. He came up with a symbol called the Hunab Ku, which could be called cosmic consciousness (see it at the top of the page). Arguelles was extremely creative, still has a large following and sphere of interest and influence. I didn't read his books but was drawn to visions on his web pages. He gave us a rainbow bridge around the earth that is beautiful and mind-expanding. The octahedron within is the shape within the two tets within the cube. Also his spirals relate to my spirit coil. I find all kinds of correspondences between our art.

He was a doctor and a self-taught scientist. He correlated the bridge with the magnetic fields around earth. He was also learned as an archaeologist, linguist, and historian. I have no way to discern where his ideas are synthesized and where they are from ancient sources. He wanted us to start using a different calendar based on the Mayan calendar. It will be like a car odometer reaching maximum of its measuring in 2012 and resetting to 0. The 13-moon calendar year starts on July 26 related to the star Sirius. I don't know how that relates to the end date December 21, but I'm sure that is bound to be clarified somewhere. An aspect of interest to meditators is the day after the end of the year July 25, a day out of time. Each year followers celebrate it. We stop to meditate. On the solstice we are silent for a day of meditation. Why not spend a day out of time?

Here is a recent quote:

"Timeship Earth 2013 is how we navigate the new evolutionary cycle - the noosphere, the time of universal peace, harmony and telepathy. By 2013, Earth will no longer be operating in the 12:60 frequency, but in the natural 13:20 frequency of synchronization. To advance the coming of the new time of harmony, the call is put out for the Harmonic Convergence of 2012, synchronized celebrations at sacred sites around the world during 2012. This planetary awakening will be the conclusion to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, and the appropriate groundwork for entry into Timeship Earth 2013.

This Harmonic Convergence let's spend a couple of days off the Internet, and our cell phones and seriously practice telepathy. Let us make telepathic rings around the Earth uniting all hearts with strands of telepathic love. Let us really put our hearts into it. Let us see how many clear messages we can send and receive. It is our God-given right to do this. It is the choice we need to exercise. Homo noosphericus is not made out of optic fibers or nano-chip technology. The system will soon be overloaded and collapse of its own weight. Virtual reality is a dinosaur of the 12:60 imagination.

This Harmonic Convergence organize telepathic picnics and sit in circles of silence at the dawn--and sit there all day long. Let song burst spontaneously from your heart. Place a rainbow round the Earth. Project the power of mind."

When he says 13:20, I'm out of my depth. The 20 relates to the 20 glyphs but I haven't studied why that is a preferred frequency. 12:60 is the time of the irregularly numbered calendar (12 uneven months) and the time of the mechanical clock (60 minute hour). From Wikipedia: "The noosphere according to the thought of Vladimir Vernadsky and Teilhard de Chardin, denotes the 'sphere of human thought'".

Galactic alignment fit into and expanded my world view also. The ideas are typified by John Major Jenkins. I don't know his credentials. He says " The Galactic Alignment is the alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator." He says Mayan mythology called this area the Crossroads or Sacred Tree. He says, " Among the Quiche Maya, the visionary shamans were called the nik wak'inel--those who gaze into the cosmic center. According to them, the center of time and space would be revealed when their big calendar cycle came to an end--December 21, 2012."

Commentary on the List of Links

After the change of the millennium, I began a list of links for year 2012. I read the wildly differing views with interest. For the key is expanding consciousness and global meditation.

The Prophets Conference website at called this period the Great Rethinking. (Note, in December, 2012 it is the Great Return.) The conference in July, 2010 was "2012 Tipping Point". Jose Arguelles was a speaker. Also some Mayan elders. In their FAQ they explained why these events are not New Age. I hope we can move beyond divisive labels. I've cited the Prophets Conference, but it is a single thread among the many in the complex weave of 2012. Follow what interests you in the links.

Speak up. What do you think?

You might say things like this:

Summary of meanings

At the meeting, we summarized results of our circle. We asked if there were aspects of interest to pursue.

How it applies to day of silence

The ECMS sponsored 12 retreats on the equinoxes and solstices leading up to the solstice December 21, 2012. There were four events each year after the first one in December, 2009. The final in the series, a 13th retreat is on December 22, 2012.

See 12 solstices and equinoxes.

* Jose Arguelles, 1939-2011, was alive when this talk was given. Text edited after his passing.

Disclaimer. Astronomers, astrologers, prophets, philosophers, and all of us differ on a view of the future and what is of importance. This is my best guess, but since I could be missing a lot, take only what you find of value. Discard the rest.

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