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More about December 21, 2012

*Countdown to the December solstice 2012 via 12 equinox and solstice observations leading up to the final Dec. 22 retreat. But why is and what about 2012? The following is an introductory summary. See also Notes on a talk for the Emerald Coast Meditation Society entitled "What does 2012 mean for us?", 13-Moon Calendar Notes, and Lookout for 2012 Mindfield.

25 years before 2012

Most sources look back to Jose Arguelles publishing The Mayan Factor in 1987. That year I observed a global peace meditation called the Harmonic Convergence, seen as a precursor to a Harmonic Convergence in 2012.

15 years before 2012

When did I become aware of the significance of 2012? First note in my journal is January 1998 when I was on an email list called Network 2012 from the website Both now gone. It was from Drunvalo Melchizedek about The Prophets Conference in Oct. 1997. His notes below have the major points, still true.

"This is the time we have been all preparing for the last 13,000 years -1998 to 2012 - a fifteen year period. If everything all the prophets have said about that period of time come true, we are about to be truly changed into a new kind of human.

"So what is it about 1998 to 2012? All the prophets of the past have pointed to this time. The Indigenous People of the World, The Native Americans (The Hopi & the Taos Pueblo), The Hopi - The White Brother/Sister, The Zulu Tribe in Africa believes in the coming change. The Mayan believes by the prophecy of their elders and the 'Sixth Sun'. The Seventh Sun is coming. The Japanese with the prophecies of 'Amaterasu' returning to earth at this time. Nostradamus and his predictions. Edgar Casey and his prophecies ...

"Different dates proposed but the most common is December 21 at 11:11 a.m. 2012.

"So now that the 'Time of Great Change' is here, what do we do? What is truly important here is your state of consciousness during this transition."

After the change of the millennium, I began a list of links for year 2012. I read the wildly differing views with interest. For the key is expanding consciousness and global meditation.

The Prophets Conference website at calls this period the Great Rethinking. The conference in July, 2010 was "2012 Tipping Point". Jose Arguelles was a speaker. Also some Mayan elders. In their FAQ they explain why these events are not New Age. I hope we can move beyond divisive labels. I've cited the Prophets Conference, but it is a single thread among the many in the complex weave of 2012. Follow what interests you in the links.

* Disclaimer. Astronomers, astrologers, prophets, philosophers, and all of us differ on a view of the future and what is of importance. This is my best guess, but since I could be missing a lot, take only what you find of value. Discard the rest.

See 12 solstices and equinoxes.

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