March equinox, 2010

March Equinox 2010

All-Day Silent Meditation

Welcome to a silent meditation retreat honoring the equinox on March 20. Daytime and nightime hours are equal; day and night are each 12 hours long (see sunrise and sunset); locally from about 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daylight savings time. Eight sitting meditation sessions alternate with breaks, walks, exercises, meals, and ceremonies. Guests attend a choice of morning, afternoon, or all-day. See yoga, galactic alignment, heart-opening exercises, and closing ceremony.

Sunrise approximately 7 a.m.


6:15 a.m. Morning (and all-day) meditators arrive at Nancy's house


6:30-7 Meditate


7-7:10 Slow walk


7:10-7:20 Break


7:20-8 Breakfast


8-8:30 Meditate


8:30-8:40 Break


8:40-9:40 Walk outdoors to lake (weather permitting, otherwise sharing inspirations)


9:40-10:10 Meditate


10:10-11 Yoga (led by Caroling)


11-11:30 Meditate


11:30 End of a.m. session


11:30-12 Break


11:45 - Afternoon meditators arrive


12-12:30 Meditate


12:32 March Equinox


12:30-12:40 Observe equinox with short ceremony (Caroling, see Galactic Alignment)


12:40-12:50 Break


12:50-1:30 Lunch


1:30-2 Meditate


2-2:10 Break


2:10-3 Walk outdoors to sea (weather permitting)


3-3:30 Meditate


3:30-3:40 Slow walk


3:40-3:50 Break


3:50-4:15 Heart-opening exercises (led by Nancy)


4:15-4:40 Tea break


4:40-5:10 Meditate


5:10-5:20 Slow walk


5:20-5:30 Closing ceremony (Caroling, see Closing Ceremony)


5:30 End of day


Sunset: approximately 7 p.m.


See also SouledOut Spring Equinox, Global Visionary's equinox, Aluna Joy's Solar Wave, Season and 12 solstices and equinoxes.

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