In 2010, open to yet more changes. Continue to look forward to the year 2012.

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Hands Across the Sand - February 13, to oppose oil drilling off the coast of Florida, gather on a Florida beach at 1 p.m. EST. At 1:30 p.m. EST join hands forming lines all along the coast of Florida. See June 26 for doing it again.

Valentine's Day - February 14

March Equinox - March 20 at 17:32 UTC. Local All-Day Meditation - a day of silent meditation with breaks for walks, yoga, and honoring the equinox. This is part of a series of 12 solstice and equinox celebrations leading up to 2012.

oil logoBP Oil Volcanic Vent - April 20 Turned wholeo.net logo dark with oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico and our minds

Choctawhatchee Estuary Family Festival, May 1 2010, Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Park . Wholeo.net-sponsored Deer Lichen and Friends display and walk. Here's a page about the Estuary Festival 2010.

June Solstice - June 21 at 11:28 UTC. Local A Day of Silence and Meditation on June 19. Solstice sunrise/sunset.

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Hands Across the Sand 2 - June 26 at 12 - 12:15 noon on a beach near you. Wholeo.net hosting at One Seagrove Place on Scenic Highway 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, FL on YouTube.

Gateway - Wunjo rune signGlobal Yoga Peace and Prayer Day - July 11 all day Sunday from 12:01 midnight to 23:59 the next night in your time zone. Color healing for the event has the rune sign Wunjo, the gateway, joy, blessing. Facebook page link.

Conscious Convergence - July 17 and 18 http://commonpassion.org/groups/conscious-convergence and more details.

September Equinox - September 23 at 03:09 UTC

September Equinox Day of Silent Meditation - September 25, 6:15 - 5:10 CDT

New Reality Transmission - November 11 at 11:00 EST. See Facebook New Reality or web page: http://www.newrealitytransmission.com. This event is a special global meditation for 11 minutes each day for 11 days.

December Solstice - December 21 at 23:38 UTC Day of Silence - December 18, Eclipse of the full moon at 2:15 CST (8:13 UTC).

The Voice of the Heart Although the web site is gone, join a French initiative inviting us all to sing from our hearts at noon local time. It was started on December 21, 2007 and continues until December 21, 2012.

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