March Equinox 2010 Sun-kissed Apple Panorama

sun-kissed appleOn March 21, 2010, a one-day silent meditation retreat honored the equinox at 12:32 p.m. CDT. I photographed sunrise and sunset from a local high point on the previous day for a panoramic view of both, including a sun-kissed apple. It is the beach end of the boardwalk across Deer Lake State Park from the parking lot.

Day and night are approximately equal on an equinox. This is true for both the northern and southern hemispheres of earth. Local sunrise at approximately 7 a.m. Local sunset at approximately 7 p.m.

These images are part of a panorama submitted to World Wide Panorama on the theme: Food. Coordinates: 30°18' 59.88'N 086°04' 40.9"W.



The Panorama

There are four ways to view the same scene: QuickTime small or full screen. Flash small or full screen.


Canon 300D (Digital Rebel) digital SLR, EF-S 10-22mm lens, ISO 100, f/9 at 1/125 second. Nodal Ninja pano head. Stitched panos in QuicktTime Virtual Reality Authoring Studio. For sunrise, zoomed to 16mm (stitched as 28mm lens). For sunset, zoomed to 19mm (stitched as 32mm lens). Should have kept them the same. Composited two panoramas in Adobe Photoshop CS4.

See also June solstice 2010 sun, September equinox 2010 sun, and December solstice 2010 sun. See Equinox, March 2010.

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