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In 1981, a trip to Peru and Bolivia inspired these feminine theme drawings:

  1. earth motherSecrets of the Mother - Pacha-mama. Amantani, Lake Titicaca. June 23, 1981
    The two peaks of the island Amantani are each topped with a shrine. One to the father and the other to the earth mother, pacha mama. I was open to her messages.

  2. earth mother mandala5-fold PachaMama's Secrets. Amantani, Lake Titicaca. June 23, 1981
    This is a mandala with five aspects of the earth mother energy.

  3. sphere of emotions typeThe Skin of Matrix. Huancane, Lake Titicaca, Peru. July 3, 1981
    I called the goal of my trip "Matrix". Read about it in the online book, On the Way to Machu Picchu.

  4. CandelariaCandelaria and the Five Eyes of Universal Mind. July 3, 1981
    I had seen a swirling pattern and gotten guidance about Candelaria long ago before the trip. The dark virgin of the lake is a Catholic saint. My journal said, "Go west over water to get to me." That must be here in Huancane. If I swirl Candelaria both ways at once, it will help me adapt to new cosmic juice. This drawing is very much like a monstrance for Candelaria that I saw in the church in Copacabana weeks later.

  5. sphere of emotions typeThe Feminine Ray, Grounded Over Lake Titicaca, making connections with Light Centers all over Earth. Sorata, Bolivia. July 15, 1981

Slide show of all the drawings.

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