spiral labyrinth

Deer Lake Beach Spiral Labyrinth 2012

Spiral labyrinth reborn. In early June, on Blessings Beach in Deer Lake State Park, although last year's spiral labyrinth is gone, Deborah Kivett has done it again farther east and south of the endangered shorebird nesting area. In 2009 I found one in the same place and listed the thoughts to hold as you traverse the labyrinth. This one enters walking in clockwise and out counterclockwise.

On June 4 before dawn there was a partial lunar eclipse. Later that day the moon aligned with the galactic center. I walked the sunlit spiral labyrinth in preparation for alignment with the rare transit of Venus on June 5, the next day.

sun on spiral

The background image is white sand made of quartz crystals that is gray or neutral when wet. See images, 2009, Blessings Beach, 2010, and Deer Lake State Park.

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