Dream: Lila and the Red Hand


This painting shows the dream. It is fabric paint on drapery cloth, 91"w x 81"h, hemmed and stapled to a wooden dowel for hanging. Finished on 24 April 1979. In it, Lila, my dream teacher, faces the archetype of her intuitive healing ways, symbolized in red hands.

I'd like to provide background leading up to the dream on January 1, 1979 in Mt. Shasta, CA. Following are links to other red hands.


In 1975, I climbed Mt. Shasta and found a spiritual center there.

As early as 1977, I found a book called The Secret of the Andes. That is, the book seemed to find me. It fairly leapt off the bookstore shelf. On page 51, I learned of "The ancient Order of the Red Hand", which "has worked throughout Earth's history in the preservation of the Secret Wisdom, the Arcane Knowledge. Members of the Order are guardians of Earth's vast storehouse of treasure more precious than gold or gems. It is they who hold the secrets that are man's heritage in South America". On page 54 it goes deeper, " ... is as old as man upon the face of the Earth. Everywhere, archaeologists find representations of a human hand painted red. It exists in abundance on cave walls throughout Europe, in cave dwellings in North America, and on walls of Mayan Temples in Yucatan, Mexico.  ... It stands for the preservation of all that was and is good and true".  The books listed under links below tell of my psychic connections to this phenomenon. I began to get guidance that I must make a trip to Lake Titicaca, Peru, and Bolivia.

With several dreams each night and frequent dream work on them daily, dreams became a major focus. From 1978 - 1980, each week I went to a dream workshop given by Lila Forest. Lila was a student of Jeremy Taylor. She emphasized Jungian psychology and the methods of Fritz Perls. She believed in the need to balance male and female energies in ourselves and all aspects of our world.

Flight to Mt. Shasta

For the new year of 1979, a friend flew an airplane with me and our children up to Mt. Shasta, CA. We circled the mountain peak at 12,500 feet, the plane's limit. From new heights, I saw where we had climbed. On New Year's eve, I had a dream of Lila facing the Red Hand. Later I did dreamwork. This is what I wrote.

Q: Who are you?

A: I'm Lila. On my left is a big Red Hand. With a flourish, it is introduced to me and to Caroling. There's a landscape in the palm with a volcano blowing in the middle. Caroling, how do you feel about this Red Hand?

Caroling: I think it's tremendously important. I keep thinking there's something in it. The sound. The throb.

Q: Who are you?

Hand: I AM. I am an image Caroling can use to come to Peru until she can come in person. She needs to take Lila by the hand. Lila is her very feminine mental aspect. She walks up to me and touches the center of my palm. That will be about the height of her heart and through correspondence, she will see the landscape in the palm and be able to walk into it. This will be the place she's going in Peru. All she has to do is ring herself like a bell.


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