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Zen/0 -- Caroling's Journal, page 3

The journal contains notes and thoughts related to Zen and division.


Joe Smyth killed (A math teacher at Santa Rosa Junior College that I had not met).


Dream: "Math Kit With Sheepskin". The black vinyl outside cover has been used before. I guess I turn it in. There are 2 big books to the left and papers to the right and an old sheepskin and leather jacket.


Yoga: Smyth gave me new notation for sphere powers, or powers-of-whole notation. (Fig. 1). This gives us much vaster multiplying powers than squaring, cubing. I don't know if this is dimensional. Where is something to the 4th? 0^0 is at the point. 0^1 is expanded physically, 0^2 is circled, 0^3 is sphered--is this how it goes? (Fig. 2) No, that would be analogous to exponential increase. This A(circled)^0 is at the point, A(circled)^1 is physically manifested, A(circled)^2 is one more dimension of expansion. (Fig 3)


The powers of sphere whole is the operation of the 5th dimension. It is a new operation. It's not like plusing, or multiplying. It's centered at the point [other operations always away from the point (or askew, off balance)]. 1(circled)^1 means it is as much bigger as smaller than the point. It expands in the 2 infinities, which might be thought of inwardly as well as outwardly. And it subjects 1 to an EIE. The circle stands for EIE which has many more qualities than the geometrical ones I have discovered. Power of whole means degree of EIE. 10(circled)^10 means 10 to the trident(refers to Peruvian coast). Probably this is the preferred notation. The circle is powers of whole notation. 10(circled)^10 means 10 EIE which operation is common but undefined so far. (Fig. 3)


Woke up in night. Strong feelings but no messages. In hatha felt a falling down unfocus spread out, a need for effort up and in counterclockwise. Effecting inwards, upwards spiral. x circle 10 to the -21 power. I worked until achieved x circle 10 to the -23 power. (Fig. 4) Very uplifting. At that point tap into new resources. Screw in.


Three whole unknowns are always equal no matter how unequally you operate on them. That is the idea we are striving to build of persons, of their essential equality but numerical inequality. So circle times circle =circle, circle^2 times circle^2 = circle, (circle^2 times circle^2)circled ^2 = circle. (Fig. 5) (Figs. 6-8). I don't know how to find this numerical value yet. Surprisingly, to whole a number, you pick the number that comes into your mind. To be ready to whole, you have to have received the sheepskin in your dream. (Fig. 9) This answer to this problem is not always the same. It can be understood when you know there are other factors in 2 that are being measured that are not reflected in the 2. Wholing gives us perceptual powers we didn't have without performing the operation.


The kit for math is available. This a.m. I put on the jacket. It is protective. I look on the 1st paper to the right. Hard to focus. See the word didn't. This is circle did to the -1 in notation of wholes. This could be circle did to the -5 or 3. (Fig. 10) The importance of using power of wholes is for the individual. We are each unique and have to perform our own particular expression of the point.


...have been having "sphere-whole meditiation". Seems like a tension state was giving way to a higher kind of organization. A voltage of separate dual nature revolved into a voltage from the point. ...Sexuality leads to a release. Sphere wholes leads to a synthesis. ...It is not a still, not a balance, it is not a stopping of any kind. But it seems the aim has been achieved. There is satisfaction & a feeling of being together, whole, light.


Powers of Sphere wholes measure the spark, amount of spark. (Fig. 11) It is emminently Relative. What would be the basic unit?


Last night too, and this a.m., I see Karl Smith, as if we're sitting in perfect Meditation. Joe Smyth is enabling this communication. My mind keeps wandering. It is because there are clues there as to the nature of this teaching. Not dividing by zero is the 1st big clue. The power of sphere wholes will save mathematics from the negativity. It will show what does happen with zero. That is linked directly with this energy I have been introduced to, that doesn't mix with anything physical but that can be connected with in higher emotions or intensity or love. It 's like breathing in poison air to attack food, to digest it for us. It's the basis of our personal power but it is totally unmixing. So when something is spherewholed, it is not increased in brightness, quantity. It is operating outside of spatial context. It's like, the energy itself is unmixing, but when a person attunes to it, the person can act in magical lovely ways. The power of love cuts thru other powers. So the division by zero is like 2. to the -1 = 1/2...So in breathing out, no, NO,. Then nothing can happen but a great breath of YES.


Don't think in coordinates x, y, z, go beyond to sphere-wholes.


Dream: "Great Scientists' 3 atom energy is in my mailboxes, postage due"*


It's perfect, I'm flipping out. Caroling divided by nothing is Caroling in relationship to the omega point. 3/0=circle3. (Fig. 12) (How does this relate to exponents? Exponents are multiplication by something.) This is the power of zero which is division by ___ nothing. The only division that is a power.
If I'm divided by one, I'm myself, as related to 1 which is quite different from myself as related to the point, which is nothing. It makes ALL the difference. This is our mind in meditation--our union with God. But the number 3 in the equation states the entity, keeping individuality in wholeness. Division by zero is the true wholeness. Undivided, totally undivided, even by one, is the only true wholeness. And we can have this. This is our development. To be divided by zero.
Then follows a listing of all /0 references. One is to 4/3 dream, where the whole basement has been cleaned out.*


What is circle (whole) is the difference between a number and zero. If something=0 the whole thing can be sphere wholed. (Note 4/2/88: this journal entry makes no sense. See Fig. Weird for the drawing--Caroling)


I got lots more info about ./0 that I didn't write down yesterday. ...But it did seem like I'm allowing myself to be divided by zero... Search for the whole self. I never really have felt whole... All this seems powerfully connected to the rings at Nazca, and at Solstice on Amantani and Matrix and Vilque Chico in Peru. And circling Lake Titicaca. (Fig. 13.a-e) (Note: as I type this I feel guidance impatience. Why does it take her so long? Why is she so distracted? Etc.) I think too much, trying to make a system. ...Undivided attention. Is that divided by one or zero? Undivided is divided by 1. 3/1=3. 3/0 is 3 divided by nothing which is the same as all. Circle 3 is totally different than 3. Drawings describe the five operations of division by zero. +, -, /, x, and moved by zero. (Fig. 13.f) Four more notations are drawn, making a possible 9 operations. Fig. 13.g) The last 5 drawings in the Figure relate to the chakras. (Fig. 13.g-h) There are basically five. ...Related to the idea that the radical (square root sign) is a kind of dividing of a special kind, as are exponents. Designation. These are all just patterning devices. (Fig. 13) (Note: Many of these beginning visions are too cryptic to take literally)


The Red Hand Chakra is division by zero.


There are 2 numbers in math that are unreal: the square root of -1 and ./0


...But the very hardest for us to SEE (envision! Seeing is creative) is the 3rd. At the 3 atom level. Light dark and what is this disrupter of polarity, stabalizer. Is it still? Nothing? What could be = to light and dark and =ly different (note 3/27/88 silver?). (Fig.14) ...3rd force is as symmetry.


I ask for greater understanding of Division by zero. zseer o (Fig. 15) r=root radius=the number multiplied by itself, multiplied by pi that equals the number within the radica (that is, the radicata)((radicate)). To get the root radius divide radicate by pi, then take the square root of that number. The spherewhole root of zero corresponds to the square root of -1 as j operator corresponds to god/dess.


There will be division by zero. I feel the framework of another world. Right here-now. I'm so close to being able to live in it. It exists now, it's ongoing, still waiting for my participation. For awhile I experience the rush of integration, speeding, rising, exulting. Is this the sensation of division by zero? O, I forgot to say...I am math-or would be.


All is none. Better than all is one. We will be divided by zero. All is none. the most complete balanced sentence I have ever written.


Feel divided-by-zero void type strength is coming into me from the IC breath.* I feel my every cell transformed by and radiating this truth. An image from yesterday: an old man with Egg in hand. He squeezes it, cracks the shell, yolk and albumen mixed and broken. He opens his hand and the egg is whole again. The cycle is repeated.


The red and white hands set up around earth. Division by zero is Zen meditation. Our highest mode.


Reading "Initiation". Infinity leads on in the future. Eternity is only present. I wonder if evolution is bound up with infinity. ...Unity is the one I feel most limited with. Divided by zero is profounder. "We are none in the spirit" "to pray that our nothingness may this day be revealed." The true self is, I believe, not divided by one. It is not one. Zero is the only true key.


Division by zero is the secret of manifesting. (See Fig.16).


Yoga: Seems like division by zero is in center of MET* body. Feeling of new world about to manifest to my perception. Feeling of being able to stand aside detached as my own creator.


Dream: "I'm grading papers and changing the value of i to different units". I have to divide them all by a certain number.


I wonder if the fact that the average voltage of a sine wave is 0 corresponds to larger reality. Maybe reality is AC and we are DC devices. So learning to divide by zero would allow us fantastic ACcess. Maybe we are learning to be AC devices.


"Matamagurst" is coming thru from Egypt. "Gingolare" -- onto a new reality. Hours here in yoga. Felt like I went back to the original light before Moses, before Egypt. DIvided by zero. Truly people have used God politically and that isn't how it works. To truly tune into the blueprint and amplify it. ./0 is the same as multiplying by the reciprocal (1/0). I have to multiply to apply a base current in the XSTR/.


b^0=1 is a separate definition. why not ./0?


Working as amplifier and trying to be whole undivided, divided by zero. Seems like that state is what is to be sought.


0^0 is not defined either. 0^1? 0^3?=0


Gordon Shimizu (actual electronics teacher) was here very strong and clear to teach me esoteric electronics. See the sine wave as wholeness stretched out in time. (Fig. 17) So stretch it together again. Now this is the zero to be divided by. Being divided by zero makes one much bigger. Vivid experience of the point. Coming back makes this world seem triangularly crystaline. Even the air. Shimizu laughs.


Shimizu and even Treibel too, teaches that "Infinity is the other end of zero." Teaching increasing frequency infinitely, then turning each cycle to zero. That steadies something. Then other variations are obvious as light and power flooding being. Here's where we have something to work with. Problem is I seem so ready to degrade my energy.


I thought I had it with ./0 but Karl Smith says 5/0 is not possible ever, anyway because anything times 0 must = 0 and 0 times the quotient would have to equal 5. I still don't see why 0 times circle 5 can't equal 5. (Fig. 18) But not zero times any ordinary or any other kind of number.


I did my yoga as a healing for Karl Smith. He seemed under great pressure yesterday. I don't know why. Just feel he needs division by zero and it's not allowed for him. Today he seemed calmer.


0/0 is dependant system (illegal). Angles and division by zero problem solution closely intertwined. Zero is not only a point on number line, but a point in a rotation. (Fig. 19) So in some sense, the minute it moves from zero it has an imaginary element, as per j operator or i. So there's a sense where division by zero is within and possibly without. Perhaps the flaw is that multiplication by zero has a notation that's improperly expressed.


In yoga thought about hyperpoint! Division by zero might be consciousness symbol (see Fig. 20) to hyperpoint.


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