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Zen/0 -- Caroling's Journal, page 4

The journal contains notes and thoughts related to Zen and division.


Dream: ...there's a diagram or math problem. Certain points have been plotted around certain nucleii. I notice the directions haven't been followed completely. Number 3 is to be encircled completely. A mistake is made and too much is erased. Now it's hard to see the points plotted to encircle the 3. I can't just draw a circle but must replot the points around the 3 completely. (Fig. 21)


Index of ... ./0 references so far: 3/17 Joe Smyth killed
3/18 Math Kit Dream
3/28 0^1 0^2 0^3
3/29 powers of whole notation (circle 10)^10
4/1 circle 10^-23-new resource
4/2 0 0 = 0
4/3 eggs and empty basement dreams
4/7, 4/13, 4/14
4/27 Covering spheres, marrying couple dream
5/6 Not div. by zsero and unmixing energy
5/22 Marriage to Bill & Joe
5/27 3/0 = circle 3
5/29 Div by zero is finally being whole. 5 notations
6/20 fancy swoop
8/22 p.2 ((circle 5)x 0 = 5) secret of manifesting
10/10 b^0=1 is a separate definition. Why not ./0?
end of index (to be completed)


Night awake. Divided by zero, I'm transmitting. I have become a "radio" source. Some shape shown in dreams for visualizing equipment elsewhere ( Madrakara, Frank & Georgiana's, Norman's, Helen Luster's, Bump..) list of dreams there.

3/24/83 dimension...Yet I feel if I lighten and go towards zero, allow division by zero which is like an infinity, then my cells can change, just like I came off my position of being an artist and can function technically. ...I never realized the full extent of opposites. It's looked on as a number line but it is totally discontinuous. Maybe we could see zero as +0 and -0. That opens up the space in-between. It feels good. Like a door or window that's needed. (zero was spelled szero throughout this entry)


Yoga: ...For awhile I was sucked in and lost, but it was a question of realizing who I am again. I'm indestructible and can be found, even among essence, albeit divided by zero. Don't feel real clear on what happens here. All I know is that I was lost in a new way and found in a new way. Zero is the most absolute "thing" we know because it's an approachable ideal. Since we have it surrounded by +/- 1 it seems more ours. Funnny, also, it is nothing and yet it is more than -1. See Fig. 22. (* Note. March, '88 Looks like the simplest statement of notation ever. From now on, it is not the number line, but the number Y, or number tree. Actually the number cross or intersection.

Note April, '88. Since I found that the point is the zero marker on the null number axis, I can't see the lines intersecting, unless zero is inner dotted.) Now how do circle numbers relate to other numbers? Such as the problem: circle 3 +3 . I write 3/0 +3, take LCD. (Fig. 22) (Note: March '88. But better handle it like i. Keep it separate)


How could the atom resist the chain reaction (in nuclear fission)?. Be divided by zero?


I think the third field is inward. E, M, but this 5th dimension is centering relative to division by zero.


Dividing by zero looms large. 4/0=circle 4 or 4underlined and circled in 5th dimension. The most simple is divided by zero (inclusive)


Expand nothing. (in John Neuman meditation)


And this a.m. there was knowledge of inverse, as opposed to reciprocal. I have been getting to the point which is dividing by zero. 0/infinity. And infinity/0. But this is an inverse relation, a different exchange where the individual experiences the whole and the whole is specific at each point and (underlined) the most important point is that previously, negative energy used to power evolution. If one stops it, says no to the flow of bad energy in the universe.


Fullmoon afternoon. Walkthought. My consciousnous will have to be divided by zero. The electron divided by one. It could happen on 7/4/85 at 3:09 a.m. But I feel so lonesome for some contact, some possibility of hi-tech making this wider than my own fantasy consciousness. If I'm to make it happen??how???
"In the shadow of the electron, how close to home the sun becomes, [-' -' -' '-] angles are the language of the gods." quoting Djing. Are the assymtotes the region of the undivided by zero? Assymtotes, being zeros where division by certain values of x are not defined, therefore, those values are limited on the graph. How would the graphs be affected if /0 were defined? Couldn't see it because y would be infinitely big when x would be zero and we can't graph infinity of any kind. However we could designate @4 or infinity4 means 4 /0.
4x1=4 4x0=0 4xinfinity zero =infinity zero. 0 /0=infinity 0, 4 /0=infinity 4 ,infinity 4x0=0, infinity 4x1=whole 4? infinity 4xinfinity 0=4. infinity 0 times 1 =whole 0. See 6/4/85 for "in the shadow of the electron".


Fuller said there are no curves, only areas between points. (no lines either). My thoughts: Central placement. Zero is the third infinity. See Fig. 23. 1*1=1. 1*0=0. The difference in multiplying by one and zero is profound. Is zero like death or is death a negative? In zero there is no identity. (underlined). Also dreampt this weekend of my purse, books, everything, are gone or stolen. Fuller says multiplying is really dividing (look into that more). Angle, this notation angle and zero may be important. Angle may (obtuse angle) be able to exist without (w/0) identity. Unitarians. Nonetarians. Zerotarians. Zeroarians. Zeroians. Is there a way to exist without being multiplied by 1? or... 1*0 is different from 10*0. 10*1*0 is different from 10*0 and 10*1.


Memorial Day. Einstein is one of 12 people remembered. ./0 is not separate from the question illustrated in Fig. 24.


We never know when -1 might really be i^2. Thus the integers mask the imaginary numbers . Maybe the definition of zero should also include a notation to maintain the integrity of imaginary numbers when outside of their unique domain. It would be useful in electronics so one would know when capacitance or inductance are involved.


Splice [SPLICE] is the way to integrate "in the shadow of the electron" with "angles are the language of the gods".


On a graph, there is no y intercept if there is no constant in the denominator of the equation when solved for y (such as x+1/(x^2)=y). Not dividing by zero really affects graphs. Consider (x)=2x+3/(x-1). Since assymtotes are vert=1, horiz=2, therefore graph looks like a hyperbola. p 408 COLLEGE ALGEBRA AND TRIG (Ref #3). "May be multiplied by a nonzero number." As long as zero is considered a number, I feel it can be defined. Does 'a zero number' make sense?* Only if there's more definition.


I feel partially drawn to working on the division by zero problems mathematically. What's it called? Symbolic logic. Boolean algebra etc. I know programming, AI is the way to think this out.


Hearing "beneath, beside, behind, above , around, betwixt, within, without the Electron". All these locations are important in "the shadow of the electron". Electron consciousness seems to resolve all the contradictions of ours.


Fig. 25. ...It's like a set of stairs. Walk up. Then...recycle back down through the building like an escalator "stair" or belt, and reemerge at the bottom. Forming a step-different? Or the same? 1=identity, 1st step. Divide by 2=2steps.( arrow right) like Fuller says (arrow right) there is no multiplication, only division. Divide by 3 = 3 steps. The point is that when you finally get bored or dare or lose strength and Divide by Zero you get into the deescalating state . As far as I know in this analogy, dividing by zero has an inherent directionality to it which makes a circle out of the number line so 100/0 is a different number than 1/0. And next to be considered is -1/0. and then 0/0. That should cover everything I know. i/0 is the funnest but just a subset, special case OK, fits is scenario system. Could see the stairs as illusion. Actually there is just the play (binary). Now on the stairs...where is one? So...the number line is a vector! And relates to frequency as Fuller says! Also, this involves a whole revolution in thought, in our vision of reality. A datum is the zero reference in a drafting drawing, (JT). "GODEL,ESCHER,BACH:AN ETERNAL GOLDEN BRAID", by Douglas R. Hofstadter (Ref #2):
  • p. 268, Symbol:0 Codon:666 Mnemonic: Number of the Beast for the Mysterious Zero.
  • p. 223 Supernatural numbers --which have no numerals.
  • p. 454 --as infinitely large integers. Notation = I. like i, I is nonuniquely defined.
  • p. 455 infinitesimals such as dx and dy,those old bugaboos of mathematicians, can be completely justified, by considering them to be reciprocals of infinitely large real numbers!
  • p. 216 axiom 1 of TNT (typographical number theory) is: Upside-down capital Aa:5Sa=0--"Zero is not the successor of any natural number" Peano,1889, one of 5 famous properties of natural numbers. or "Genie is not the meta of any djinn. Genie is a djinn. *(4/18/87 since there are an infinity of numbers, there is an infinity between any number and the next.) Consciousness is a lot like integration...the sum taken to the limit but more than limit.


Visions this a.m. of the point, as possibly Michail's sword at the centroid. ..Thinking about new operations... integrating. /0 is great, but zeroing is different from the plus and minusing of the other operations. It may be the third way I've been seeking. Integroid. Integrated centroid.


Active meditation the brain cells of the world .

0 1 2 3 4 -4 -3 -2 -1 -0
g e i e ay ma ra my a


0 1 2 3 4 -4 -3 -2 -1 -0
10 1 2 3 4 -4 -3 -2 -1 -0
20 1 2 3 4 -4 -3 -2 -1 -0
30 1 2 3 4 -4 -3 -2 -1 -0
40 1 2 3 4 -4 -3 -2 -1 -0
-40 1 2 3 4 -4 -3 -2 -1 -0
-30 1 2 3 4 -4 -3 -2 -1 -0
-20 1 2 3 4 -4 -3 -2 -1 -0
-10 1 2 3 4 -4 -3 -2 -1 -0
-00 1 2 3 4 -4 -3 -2 -1 -0
100 1 2 3 4 -4 -3 -2 -1 -0

This is a resolution of 1. Gaia (a resolution of God and EIE and Ea , the earth goddess). 2. Aymara (indians of Lake Titicaca) and mya, (the mantra given me) -- The old chant of the spirit of my car. The first chant 4 syllable, the second chant five then a pause for zero. Negative zero resolves B. Fuller's indig problem. To me at least I can see counting in fours, the basic tetrahedron, but..counting in ten is so convenient and I hate to lose multiples of 5, they seem so basic to the geometry of EIE. And it may be that negative zero solves the division by zero problem (some part of it). Capitals only at the beginning of a sentence. Also involved is Auroville's Mothers idea of a chant, a mantra to heal the mind of the cells. I feel for me, it should have gaia geieaymaramya. Be nine sylables and one pause for zero, or 10 to indraw the breath if amplified by breath and sounded. Also electronics, induction and capacitance are one way earth and mind processes are intermingled. And integration by capacitance across active devices. Must be studied.


Division by zero continued: 1000 years ago, Christ taught us how to ascend and we havent learned yet. 100 years ago, Einstein taught us there are only locally straight lines. If lines eventually form curves, just as the flat world became experienced as round, then why do we still live with the number line?

We all stand in the middle of this line, at zero. Graphically, we call it the "origin". That is, that is our position in imagination. We look one way up the line (to the right) and the numbers increase into a distance (depending on the power of our calculator). When we can't detect a change in number we call it +infinity. Then we turn 180 degrees, look left and see negative numbers decreasing to -infinity.

All I ask you to do is to go along the number "line" (think of it as a great circle on a sphere, or an equator on earth). Take a right from zero and step along the numbers. They are getting bigger. Go 180 degrees around (from England to Austrailia, or U.S. to Russia! or North pole to South pole). Since this is a number line, at 180 degrees, plus infinity will blend with minus infinity at some point. At precisely this space/time, the number line splits at zero (our previous origin).

Come to stand at infinity, rather than zero. It really is about equally hard to comprehend. We take zero for granted. But now we take infinity for granted. We stand at infinity. To our right we perceive numbers getting bigger and bigger ( but they are negative numbers). To our left we count numbers getting smaller and smaller (but they are positive numbers). It is similar to standing at zero in that the numbers get bigger to the right. But we have counted them. We know that -1 is bigger than -2. Let us call the last number -0, since it is the end of our number line to the right. Looking to the left the numbers get smaller. 1 is less than 2. Beyond 1 is +0. Maybe we should try our operations from this point. (Note 4/10/88. This was a great step. If leave zero upsplit, now we have a ring.)


New /0 info in calculus book ( Ref #4.) p. 378 lim sin x ---- -------- =1 x->0 x 6/04/86 Seeing light as in a black hole. Light that shines in. I can see it black from without. Compressed, still inaccessible within. And I see that I know it as pearl making. But dolphin is way beyond. It is light as integration, anti-entropy, the light of gravity. So where there is nothing, there is a great deal, that we don't know about. I see it on the vector equilibrium in the folded great circle bow ties that Fuller elucidates. Which explains how it coagulates, without crossing at the center and occupying the same point. So folding is an important principle here


/0. See Fig. 26 for the graphic. ... But if you count to eight and nine is a count of none and 10 is zero then Buckminster Fuller's indig counting is adapted to the base 10 system. Therefore maybe a nine with a circle around it could indicate division by zero. As I remember now, each number divided by zero is to be circled, so that if a number divided by zero is multiplied or added with other such numbers one can get out to the real world again. But apparently, dividing by none might be different than dividing by zero which seems to occupy a space in the number line. True nothing has a non-existent intersection with the number line. It's assymtotic in that it can be indicated but never reached. It is not a whole number, an integer in the sense that 10 or 0 is. I'm a little confused, but think this information will be used later.


World Future Society: Future Focus convention. *(I like to be asked to envision in a group. Favorite part of World Future Society meeting.) Listening to Willis Harmon speaking. "Things aren't going so well. Assumption that stuff in universe is matter and energy. Non-physically measurable factors may influence events--now we need to recognize inner-consciousness as a causal factor in the universe. Mind-spirit stuff may be where it came from." He says this is the interim period between science and science-religion new view.


This is to emphasize craziness and how the nothing is really the point and the multi-meaning of the earth-perceived-as-nothing.


I guess balance is a concept we have because of our duality. We perceive polarity. But these overangels are not really two. I'm calling the whole whale "Charly". To see them as one is like completing the hyperbola. No one thinks of the inside of the hyperbola as an assymtote. They even say comets have hyperbolic paths. Someplace around back the baseball of our curved space, the two ends of the hyperbola become parts of one figure. It's fun to try and conceive, anyway. I'm sure mathematicians must have done a lot more with this.


Quote from Ref #5. "The Zen Environment. The Impact of Zen Meditation" by Marian Mountain, Wm Morrow, NY, 1982. See Zen stack. I have personal ties to this book since the forward is written by Robert Pirsig, my old friend. And she comes from this area.


Starting /0 project.. Should do a database? What include...? As my index to references; my date, its date, location: (possible locations are journal, math books, course notes, books); subjects: zero, division, assymptotes, being undefined...(what characteristics does being undefined spawn?); leads or references, bibliography, possibly the void. Use the persimmons. The persimmon stem as /0 notation. The stem


Working on/0 book happily. Is it possible that there are sizes of zero, related to what is divided by zero...the same way that there are sizes of plus or minus things? You can have less than one thing. So can have more or less that is divided by nothing.


Just worked on my journal all day. All the other things I had thought to do, didn't get touched. Took 2 naps. Wow! But now my whole journal is in printed form. All I need is a big notebook for it all, or maybe filing folders. Two /0 ideas: maybe this notation will help explain synergy, the emergent or plus one factor explained by Fuller.


/0 If as Fuller says multiplication only by division and starts out with zero, then how do we get to something? It implies that maybe we should be undefining multiplication by zero. ??


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