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Zen/0 -- Caroling's Journal, page 5

The journal contains notes and thoughts related to Zen and division.


Zen/0 ideas: There are two kinds of numbers: The corpus calosum must be involved. I saw a channel coming into my crown chakra. Sphere-wholing expands it. But this is related to data rates on the corpus calosum. I think our evolution of different digital bus information transmission schemes are all the result of seizing principles at work in our own minds, or nature. Packet switching, quadrature etc. and sphere-wholing will give whole new realms of thought, first in our mind and then projected or realized in inventions.


Seeing a snatch of a movie on TV: a boy time-traveled through what was called in the credits a "pyrrhic device". mind builds on this. Using the factors kind of all at once: *(Fuller says there are really no curved lines because there is really only vector frequency so a sphere is really a multi-frequenced something. The simplest sphere is a tetrahedron). The time-traveling device was an octahedron with equilateral sides, which made me think it was tetrahedral. Which gave me ideas for /0. By the time I'm 60 I want to have some solidity and security and acceptance of my ideas. Anyway, spherric device. Maybe sphere-wholing looks like polyhedrons of varying frequency. There it is, once again, an idea that looked like a whole solid insight, when it gets written down raw, doesn't look like much. But I'm convinced there must be a kernel of genius idea in it. Pyrrhus was a B.C. king who had a victory at ruinous cost. Thus Pyrrhic victory. Also pyrrhus words are skepticism and war dance.


Wholeation. Being /0 means not being /,*,+ or -. None of the operations can be performed on the numbers in this realm, but it can be sphere-wholed. I got that it can be double integrated and differentiated at the same time, called wholeation. (3/27/88 * sounds like simple integration) whol ea tion. It feels so good. o c ea n (o for sphere whole) (c for curling the c) (ea for the god) N is the 3rd, other, (axis) of time/frequency/none nine not upsidedown question mark, can n be reciprocal? *? /? n^infinity 0^0


Zen /0 info. What is the slash (slant line) called in division? Find out. (*note: 4/10/88. Division is the process of finding out how many times a number (the "divisor") is contained in another number (the "dividend"): the number of times constitutes the "quotient". ./. is the "division sign". The slant line is the "solidus". See Fig. 29) /0 is the halo in salvation. Or the MET body (Major Event of Transformation body). Or the space ship in the movie "Cocoon". The halo may be a natural representation of a consciousness /0.

/0 is my koan. Zen deals with meaninglessness, which is precisely why math has left /0 meaningless. The sound of one hand clapping. What are some other famous koans?

/0 is stated to be undefined. But if you start thinking about how undefined Zen is in terms of math, /0 seems to have an underground, infamous, etc. to be much more on the road towards definition than Zen is. Beginning math does not consider Zen. Undoubtedly there are great mathematicians who do. But I have not found them yet.

At least something can be /0 and still have be surrounded by a place on a graph in integrals and analytic geometry. A small circle surrounds the "undefined" place. It's illegal, it's off bounds, but it is on the map.


Why am I here? To clean up karma. Is it binary? Either start more karma--a 1. Or clean up old--a 0. When everything is 000s. We're done.


Reading the Tao of Physics by Capra (see ref #16). (Fig. 30) Fuller says concept is metaphysical, is weightless. The sought for interconnectedness may require a notation of /by 0.


Maybe the parts of the Zen ritual could be used as inspiration for /0. Let's see. Bow to the seat, bow to the room. Counterclockwise movement circling settling on seat. Position oneself. Triangular balance. Groundedness. Ring bell three times. Cross legs a different (alternate) way each time. Chanting. Bowing. the wall. Silence. Walking meditation. Ring bell 2 times. Bow to wall. Counterclockwise movement circling from wall. Bow to room.


Ref #13 ...Leibniz, about three centuries ago. He was amazed and gratified because he reasoned that 1, representing unity, was clearly a symbol for God, while 0 represented the nothingness which, aside from God, existed in the beginning. Therefore, if all numbers can be represented merely by the use of 1 and 0, surely this is the same as saying that God created the universe out of nothing. " Notes attached to p59, varieties of the infinite. George Gamow, book: "One, Two, Three...Infinity". Reciprocal, reciprocity involves 1. Infinity = and so on endlessly-- 1/infinity could be endlessly not beginning. Consider not only the zero aspect, but what it means for the 1. p61 "Infinity is not an integer or any number of a kind with which we are familiar. It is a quality..."


Division by zero is like the above quote. Zero is not a number. Because it occupies a position on the number line, people think of it as a number, but it is a quality and as infinity is endless, zero is the end. (* Note 4/10/88 ...or the beginning.) The end is as impossible to define as no end.

Zen is perfectly related to division by zero. It is the state of not being divided. Division by zero is not defined because it is the only case (except division by infinity--which is special because there is too much division) where no division is possible. That stops the other operations too, I feel today.

Still two questions seem to relate to that. Once a number is divided by zero and enters a state of special notation, 1.) it can appear on graphs assymptotically, 2.) how is it related to reentering? Is this as hard to define as creation? I feel another operation needs to be defined. Is calculus and derivation considered an operation like the four basic ones? (*No, I think just a process.

Anyway, I'm proposing a fifth operation. Actually it is maybe really a second operation since all the four could be reduced to one: addition. Subtraction is really adding the opposite. Multiplication is really just a short cut for addition. Division is just multiplying by a reciprocal--this seems to be a can of worms--investigate. How I love cans of worms. Worm holes. Are where the worm has been or could go.

So the worm is it. So we will call what is not divided a worm. 10/0=worm ten. We will call the new operation worming. Is it worm*ten? Wow I meant to define a new operation aside from addition, which pertains to everything that can be divided. However, if it can't be divided, it can be wormed. We draw it as circle around the number, which we name as worm number. And the big question is how once wormed, how does a worm number become divided by one? Or multiplied by one? Or be able to be added to one or even to be added at all? It is comparable to the big bang.

But when I really am honest, I know that everything is really worm, all is illusion. Worm may feel like a movement. A becoming physical, a separating out into consciousness and position and relativity in order to play and become conscious of the play. But essentially there is no division.

So this worming is a quality of every number once it becomes inoperable, or shall we say, in its inoperable mode, (...something rings wrong with that). When not divided, the worm has operations that we have not defined. It is very operable. Healing defines the operability of worming. Funny. I started out --at this moment this whole bunch of notes seems parenthetical and parenthetical to parenthetical to what I started out to do. Or did the parenthetical end up solving the main thesis? It seems good.

Is healing a two-way street? From nothing to nothing. To and from nothing? Zen does not seem to relate to healing at all, except it is felt that there is only one healing which is meditation and perhaps right living and following precepts which are all subsets of meditation.

...Tomorrow going to Berkeley Zen 1/2 day retreat. What clinched it was the idea that the zen practice is a model of /0 notation. Also /0 is not a number or operation , it is a quality of not being divided. Tao, the uncarved block. Buddha the unmanifest. It's getting more and more obvious that the connection is telling.

(See Fig. 31) I'm introducing a new symbol, the point. I think it can be called a number if zero (0) can. On the number line the point is the absolute center of the zero. It is zero undivided by one. (note 7/22/90 should put this intro in show. Seems very important today!) So I have just extended the question to, when would worm 1 be divided by the point? Answer: when the point becomes a division point. (note 4/16/88. Does that happen when one decides not to keep /0 undefined? Does it happen in worming?)


Ref #13 Asimov on Numbers p62 "The only thing we must remember is that in putting symbols that are not integers through arithmetical paces, we ought not to be surprised if they don't follow the ordinary rules of arithmetic which, after all, were originally worked out to apply specifically to integers." p. 68 "About 1895 the German mathematician Georg Cantor worked out the artithmetic of infinity and also set up a whole series of different varieties of endlessnesses, which he called "transfinite numbers." He represented these transfinite numbers by the letter aleph which is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and which looks like this: (crazy N)*." p.96.. My note...if aleph is infinite, why not Hebrew Z for /zero notation? See it (Tav, the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet) to the left of the aleph, below (above in web pages).


Point land. Sphereland, flatland. What did he call 4th D in sphereland? Point is not divided, not a dimension. Have to redefine Peano. Zero is a number, see 10/3 for reference. See the figure above the EIE at the bottom of the page. The outside is the zero which is a number, which is a place holder. The dot within represents the point, which is not divided. Does this fit with the rest of the notation?


z/0 quote from Ref #14, p 645 "Peano axioms: The last requirement is, of course, the axiom of induction. ...reduce common the stark essentials of formal symbolism. (He expressed the postulates in symbols, rather than in the words..." Above it says that he developed the symbols for set (E) union (U) etc. that I learned in math. Note: this Peano quote I first saw in "Godel, Esher and Bach, the Eternal Golden Braid". P. 573 of Ref #15. The Seven Bridges of Konigsberg by Leonhard Euler...."This branch of geometry deals with relations dependent on position alone, and investigates the properties of position; it does not take magnitudes into consideration, nor does it involve calculation with quantities." When I read this, I wonder if /0 is a branch of topology. Except that 8/0 = 8 circle 0 it may or may not have quantity. I'm pretty sure it has no magnitude. Anything with magnitude can be /1. Also if it has quantity it can be /1. So let us conclude that /0 is not ordinary magnitude and quantity stuff. It could be positional in the sense of forming an axis of coordinates.


What book is the following? I wonder if it is the Tao of Physics?

p87 Ashvaghosha. 1st C a.d. book The Awakening of faith. "Nagarjuna's statement that..'the essential nature of reality is emptiness' is thus far from being the nihilist statement for which it is often taken. It merely means that all concepts about reality formed by the human mind are ultimately void. Reality, or Emptiness, itself is not a state of mere nothingness, but is the very source of all life and the essence of all forms."

p.105 Taoist..wu-wei means nonaction. From Chuang-Tzu...Nonaction does not mean doing nothing and keeping silent. Let everything be allowed to do what it naturally does, so that its nature will be satisfied. (like nonnumber?) Zen story: p.109 "If one asks about the Tao and another answers him neither of them knows it. Zen is a special transmission outside the scriptures, not founded upon words and letters, pointing directly to the human mind, seeing into one's nature and attaining Buddhahood."

p.113 "Herrigel's description of archery is one of the purest accounts of Zen because it does not talk about Zen at all."

p.117. "The great all-including whole. In ordinary life, we are not aware of this unity of all things, but divide the world into separate objects and events. This division is, of course, useful and necessary to cope with our everyday environment, but it is not a fundamental feature of reality."

p.139 Ashvaghosha: "Suchness is neither that which is existence, nor that which is nonexistence, nor that which is at once existence and nonexistence, nor that which is not at once existence and nonexistence". Stopped reading on p. 166, but...

p.193 "...the distinction between particles and the space surrounding them loses its initial sharpness and the void is recognized as a dynamic quantity of paramount importance."

p. 198 "Upanishads. Brahman is life, Brahman is joy. Brahman is the Void... Joy, verily, that is the same as the Void. The Void, verily, that is the same as joy.

Buddlhists affirm that it is a living Void which gives birth to all forms in the phenomenal world. The Tao of Heaven is empty and formless. . .. compare the Tao to a hollow valley or to a vessel which is forever empty and thus has the potential of containing an infinity of things. The void can easily be compared to the quantum field of subatomic physics. Like the quantum field, it gives birth to an infinite variety of forms which it sustains and eventually, reabsorbs."


Lets call the dot within the place holder, within the zero which is a number, let's call it a nothoint, or a noint. Look up noint as in anoint. They say it comes from latin in ungerer to smear. Point comes from punctus to prick. Noint is good because it is the negation of a point. Like non-action. A non-point is either everything around the point which is the infinity of becoming or the unbecome which is undivided. If it emerges from the noint it is divided by one. The noint, unlike a point, cannot be specified with coordinates. In yoga I got the visualization that goes along with the chant ariev, eie nor, zoi toule, pleek erg; a parallel of the bruju ho flames, plants and colors. The ariev pattern is really just 3 aspects of the noint. Is the undivided-noint interface. Actually this is not an interface in itself. This is it. This is actually the farthest that can be gone, as far as nothing goes. Then there is at the noint which is kind of a gate or representation, a between. And then there is the ability of the noint to become a point, the first step is to become consciousness, then zero which is the noint divided by one. So noint trinity is seen as potentials and abilities totally unmanifested and unable to be divided by one. Ability to be nothing, ability to be between, ability to be something.


Dream this a.m. On my thumbs are two round sores in the middles of the nails, say 3/8 in in diameter, they rise up in shallow conic profile to a neck where they cone in reverse out and upwards to a tiny concave disk crest. This is hard to describe, but look like two little pot covers. The little crests are the handles. They are hyperbolically paraboloid. Threefoldly assymtotic. So its kind of like being inside a 3-D zero. Weird. Fig. 32


In says ./0 on the door. So to go in we become undivided. How is that? We are circled, in meditation position, but elevated and mobile. ... there were the 3 entities, q, z and c all wrapped up in undivision. However there was no sense of separation or localization. Being on one side of the door or the other or the different points of view were the same.


I went to Hamister(whale). After the z vision and some pom, which is plain old meditation, we flowed together. First it seemed that I meshed with Hamister's aura but almost instantaneously it seems he meshed with mine. Two beings undivided by one, divided by zero can recreate manifestation. It appears as a beautful yin yang of earth and ocean. We will heal you.


A study in undivision. Undivision by one is the reciprocal of circle one. Today Hamister and I were undivided by 1 at the inner eye. "give someone undivided attention."


Ref #17. ...."mathematics, accessible in its full depth only to the very few, holds a quite peculiar position amongst the creations of the mind. It is a science...; true art...; a metaphysic...Every philosophy has hitherto grown up in conjunction with a mathematic belonging (ital) to it. Number is the symbol of causal necesssity. Like the conception of God, it contains the ultimate meaning of the world-as-nature. The existence of numbers may therefore be called a mystery, and the religious thought of every Culture has felt their impress.

...The real secret of all things-become, which are ipso facto (ital) things extended (spatially and materially), is embodied in mathematical number as contrasted with chronological number. Mathematical number contains in its very essence the motion of a mechanical demarcation, number being in that respect akin to word, which in the very fact of its comprising and (sdenting?), fences off world-impressions. The deepest depths, it is true, are here both incomprehensible and inexpressible. But the actual number with which the mathematician works, the figure, formula, sign, diagram, in short the number-sign which he thinks, speaks or writes exactly, is (like the exactly-used word) from the first a symbol of these depths, something imaginable, communicable, comprehensible to the inner and the outer eye, which can be accepted as representling the demarcation. The origin of numbers resembles that of the myth.

p. 2317 There is not, and cannot be, number as such. There are several number-worlds as there are several Cultures. ...Consequently, there are more mathematics than one. ...

The style of any mathematic which comnes into being, than, depends wholly on the Culture in which it is rooted, the sort of mankind it is that ponders it.

p. 2318... A deep inward experience, the genuine awakening of the ego, which turns the child into the higher man and initiates him into community of the Culture, marks the beginning of number-sense as it does that of language-sense.

p. 2324...on this account, the idea of irrational numbers--the unending decimal fractions of our notation--was unrealizable within the Greek spirit. In fact, it is the idea of irrational number that, once achieved, spearates the notion of number from that of magnitude, for the magnitude of such a number (pi for example) can never be defined or exactly represented by any straight line. ......the Greek would be brought up suddenly against a quite other sort of number, which was fundamentally alien to the Classical soul, and was consequently feared as a secret of its proper existence too dangerous to be unveiled. There is a singular and signficant late-Greek legend, according to which the man who first published the hidden mystery of the irrational perished by shipwreck, "for the unspeakable and the formless must be left hidden forever."


See the noint tangencys as inseparable. But there is torq with respect to the twists to the point and anti-point. I don't know if anti-point has to do with /0 or not but it seems likely or possible. It seems Fuller was wrong in calling an anti-tetrahedron a negative tetrahedron. As i see it , negative numbers still relate to the point.


Where a 0^- is a sixth aspect to the noint joint. But then it seemed more real that the 0^- is just the reverse or inside out view of the 0+, just as the other aspects are just seen from the reverse, or inside out point of view. Then the key to the schitz appeared, the vacillation between these two, a postulated 0^- and a reverse 0^+; between 5 or 6 aspect noint joint. And what is the cure? Awareness of the oscillation, the indecision or two-foldedness is the first step. I can't seem to tell. Actually, the cure is to pop that 0^- back up inside the pyramid, but for shamanistic explorations, it can be popped back again into the undivided realm. And here's where it possibly enters our notation. So is even using Zen/0 a schitzy act? Are they inescapably intertwined?


But there isn't even one God. The Unitarian meets with others, poised at the realization, but affirming, 'I'm not sure, who knows'? It's not a wrong position, its just not far enough and the name is wrong. Nonetarian. Or maybe its my perception of the name. Maybe it is un-itarian. or unarian. Funny how the prefix un- which means not is so mixable with uni- which is one. And in our binary perception we have almost the same word for the two most radically opposed states: the un and the is.


Dreamwork follows dream of cleaning the kitchen with water up to the microscopes

C: At the end of the road is a new chakra. It is surrounded by salt and pepper hair so I can handle it like a frame, inside a triangle, inverted with point down, like dry ice, a dial like rotary telephone dial, the number is /0. This comes to replace the root chakra.

Q: I am raising the water in the room, look through it again.

C: Instead of looking it is more like experiencing. Drain the water

Q: OK. Look in the second scope

C: Wow. My visions are so great. If they could be computer art, they would be so beautiful. First a small round white button. Coming into view lower left a black hole. The energy can be made to flow out, rather than in. This is the next chakra. It seems to be at navel. And it seems that's all there are. Other chakras I knew are subsidiary to this. There is a complex action between the black hole energy and the white button energy, like 4 arms of cross out and in, dotted lines. And lotus budding. The white button mixed with the black hole energy makes a crystal lotus bud that opens into petals. It's like the crown chakra here at the navel now all chakras are concentrated with the entry root /0. The water comes up before the crystal lotus flowers.

q: Look in scope 3.

c: I look and it looks at me. Energy colors me all red inside. I don't know whether to passive female enjoy it or try to reverse the flow. I don't know what to do. At this moment i hear a loud chatterring. I look and there are 3 birds on my deck rail. Sparrows I guess. Have never been there before. I sit as still as possible. one flys up. then 2 fly back. 4 sparrows eyeing everything. Then they all fly away. Is that the attitude? Just contact, being aware, observing? Bringing the water up makes concentrism innate. Remember how the brain cells have to radiate out rings and arcs to associate. With this awareness there is total connection. there is no needed expansion or radiation. Association is instant and mutual.

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