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Inscribed Shell Find

On 1/30/2012, about finding this shell. I was looking south of bike path, past the old Gravel Road restaurant area, when I saw a white bulge. Reaching down to touch it to test for the tough rubbery mound of earthball, it was hard, a shell. Looking closer, there seemed to be an inscription, like glyphs of some kind or runes. Forgetting all my Leave No Trace (LNT) new knowledge, unaware that I should have photographed it for the location, I dug it up and looked at it closely. Some sort of shell for sure. I was also sure that it had been carved by hand. This seemed so phenomenal that I walked on, holding the shell, marvelling at such a happening. Walked east past Eastern Lake Rd. Coming back west on the other side of Hwy. 30A, found way too much garbage.

I reached for a bottle and suddenly saw signs of life inside. Immediately remembered LNT idea to not disturb wildlife. Although the bottle was a thoughtless trace left initially, it had become part of the natural landscape, having been adopted as a home by somebody. So I should leave that trace.

I put it back and consciousness reeled. I had taken the shell without a thought of the principle I had presented in the training: Leave what you find. I had seen, ripped from the place without a chance of returning it because of my selfish curiosity. I have to admit my indulgence in mystical fantasies such as this shell has a message for me from the universe as part of 2012 evolution. I'm horrified at how easy it is to be thoughtless, uncaring, and destructive of the environment.

Awareness swung to the alternative position that 30A is an urban setting that has almost completely traced over, by cutting the trees, poisoning the shrubs, scraping the surface, paving, developing, subdividing, selling and generally driving past the shell at 35 miles an hour. Or biking, Or walking. Not kneeling usually.

In fact the shell itself could have been gathered from the Gulf, its flesh eaten by tourists. It probably came here by truck, tossed out in road-building, its ties to the natural environment well cut and all traces erased. So in my treating the shell as an honored messenger, I'm just part of its journey. At least it can't be too evil to enjoy each other's company for awhile.

Then come the ifs. First ifs are the probable. If I keep it until I die, it will be tossed into a landfill not too far away. If the inscription is really the work of tiny shell-eaters, with no human meaning, I'll lose interest and return it near where found. If tomorrow's adventure is more exciting, I'll forget all about it and it will have a random fate. If things have their own free will (like Michael Pollan's proof of plant cunning), I will unwittingly help it on.

More imaginative ifs are pure speculation and my inner child-like desire for magic. If the natural shell carving can be interpreted as meanings, such as what I'm getting from this photo. Or if someone on the web knows who does or did such carvings and the significance. Then it will become of enormous importance to my trip and I'll hold it in the other hand as I meditate with Geome (found crystal geode). What if they are destined vibe sharers, we three producing a synergy of untold wonder?

inscription detail showing topinscription detailI see a teepee at the top, could be an A or an X. Descending from that a sharply errant path, perhaps a bow or sidewise flying bird, repeat, dot dot to the right. The teepee could be transducing spiritual to earth vibes. The descendant translating to horizontal. Below that the compass, like William Blake's Ancient of Days, like the geometers symbol, but more simply opening the distribution from the point above to the wide below. Below that a shed, a building with a slanted roof and window, a dwelling. Below that two more openers, how low can you go. Like the shell itself when found, hugging earth with all its concavity. And below that the most wonderous gift. I was going to write glyph, but this double wiggle seems like waves of water, like the sign of Aquarius, but with the upward heading emphasized, seems like yearning of human for evolution, for upward tending growth, kind of bubbling up again.

So I have scryed the shell for today. What will it bring tomorrow?

2012-03-01 inscription appears in the movie Standing Meditation, Tree-Wise.

See Seagrove Beach 30A 2012.

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