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I'm in a Matrix 2012 shamanic act. It started today but of course is a continuation and escalation of wholeo lifework.


I have to get a small badge identifying Matrix 2012. I love my inner envisioner. I asked for what would be the vision of the image. Red hand emerged, but it is turning purple! Love it. So that is my image for today. A visage = vision + image. The face of our connecting consciousness.

I'm remembering a meditation meeting on 10/18 where we're asked, "What is the first word that comes to mind after this meditation"? Many people said "Love". I said "purple". Another precursor is that Darla said on 10/11, "I am amazed and full of wonder how, doing the meditation to change my DNA has brought me to this point of full circle. When I do the meditation I see a vibrant purple color, sometimes changing to gold and a feeling of bliss the same as the near death experience." What I love so much about the process of envisioning is that it is initially direct but obscure. Only later, sometimes years later, does the logic become apparent. Somewhere I've written about how purple completes the color wheel, a mix of red and blue, but the electromagnetic spectrum is linear, flattening out the wheel, making purple beyond.

Leslie's Facebook picture this morning shows a red hat and lavender sky. Purfect. Now to search on every red hand in

2012 is turning out to be what I had hoped for at the turn of the millennium. At that time, when I heard of 2012 I thought it was another 60s dream deferred. But now I just can't help dissolving in delirious, delightful, delicious loving joy. When I see how close the election races were though, I'm sobered.

Politically the purple is the red and the blue combined. I searched for red hand in and found 77 items. I'm 77 years old and in the Mayan Calendar my birthday is Kin 77. 1977 I found the book “The Secret of the Andes”. A web search on "red hand" yields nothing like "ancient symbol for preservation of all that is good and true". I will need to make a Red Hand page.

Flipping, spacing, blissing out. Need to ground. And I “get” that there is no more grounding for me. What? Untethered? I am now to ground myself. Nothing external. We are the ground. We being wholeo all consciousness. I am equally grieving for the loss of this election as I am ecstatic for the environment win. Blending loss and win is the way forward.

Hold my hand, Walt Whitman. For the living and the dead. For evolution.

Lila and the Red Hand has a list of links for red hand. Does it have all the pages found by my search? Yes.

The red of the Red Hand stands for blood and love. Love grounded in our blood, which we would dearly love to not shed. It is not the red of anger, hate, violence, terror and separation. It is the red of heart awareness. The Matrix 2012 visage is the red hand submitting to the high vibratory blue bliss of enlightenment and wholeo consciousness in the magical blend of the purpling hand. Or the purple handing. It has nothing to do with gender or politics.

Thinking of the 60s guru, Timothy Leary, dying in 90s online at the beginning of my engagement with the WWW. He modified the LOL comment, “he wins who dies with the most toys” to something like “he wins who has put the most of his life online”. That makes sense to me. I agreed. I had not seen it for years, but today I got to his archives and old via Got to the Deanimation Room. But further, how I'd modify the comment expanding on “life”, that it would have the greatest complexity in conforming to the broadest reality, coincidence, serendipity, synchronicity, deja vu and connection.

So I've recolored the stained glass, the lila dream painting, and shined a hunab ku in the hand chakra for the icon. I know Arguelles romanticized the symbol but it is all I've got at the moment. For a larger visage the icon centers in the galactic center Wholeo symbol.

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