Funnel of colorsColor

Funnel of Colors

Wonder calls the dog, "I'd like to talk to you, Dog."

Dog frisks around, waving his tail frond, so pleased to be noticed, that he says, "Hi, Wonder."

"Can you be my friend," Wonder asks in answer? Dog accepts a pat. Wonder puts a calming hand near Squirrel's back. She flips down alertly and trustingly gazing into Wonder's eyes with her two beady bright ones. Wonder strokes the soft fine grey-brown fur.

"Bear, what do you want?" says Wonder, looking him in the big flat round face with pointed nose.

"Oh," he says gruffly, peering down, "I'd like to see where these colors are going. Do you know?"

"What colors," Wonder asks carefully? Bear smiles, pointing at the misty psychic connection with Universal Mind, which has become a Funnel of Colors. Following his gesture, Wonder sees vibe shapes, which are vibrations of colored light.

The long ones in the center are red; the progressively shorter shapes towards the outer sheath are the rest of the rainbow; an orange layer wrapped with yellow, cupped with green, set into blue, capped with violet. They are concentrated at the Point of Consciousness, where they zip through a tiny hole. The embryo is becoming a fetus, fed colors, called Prana.

Color graphic on cover, see graphic 5, center.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 32-33

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