Mushroom Ribs

Mushroom Ribs

Wonder says, "The colors go in here. But what's out there?"

"Come out and see for yourself," answers Bear as he comes after the colors, trading places with Wonder. Dog and Squirrel scurry out of sight on a Sensation.

From Bear's point of view, Universal Mind is the ground, the Funnel of Colors is the stem, and some of the colors crystallize in Mushroom Ribs. They fountain around the Funnel, then recurve outside the North-South Meridians.

Bear studies the skeleton. The curved members are made of laminated color layers, triangular in section. The inner thin peak of the triangle is red, the orange a bit wider (showing on both sides), the whole broadening out through yellow, green, blue, violet and magenta. Bear's stare is now fixed on the flattened 14-armed potential traffic jam opposite the Point of Consciousness; at the back of the Mushroom Ribs. Bear imagines this will be the Center of Unconsciousness.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 34-35

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