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The Vibe Coloring Book is a workbook for all ages. If you are very young you can look at the pictures and color them. You can do more if you find someone to read and explain how to do things. If your are older, I hope you will enjoy the book on all levels. You may need to draw upon a youthful willingness to try something new.

Behind the book is an assumption that there is a basic universal language that we can articulate. Awareness of our thought can be more "in the medium" of thought than it is.

Vibrations are the language of life. They are tiny movements or changes in the stuff we are made of. The vibrations are radiated. The electromagnetic spectrum is radiation known as waves. Radio waves are the longest. The waves we can see with our eyes start with red and progress through the rainbow from longer to shorter waves. X-rays are shorter than light. Waves vibrate at different frequencies called wavelengths.

What does it mean if I ask, "Are you on my wavelength?" Does it imply a similarity between light and understanding? It refers not to recognition of the meanings of words, sounds, numbers, tastes, or pictures; but to the state of knowledge underlying those meanings. These mental wavelengths remain occult or obscure. The act of attuning to wavelengths of others is called extrasensory perception (ESP).

I suspect ESP is constantly used while being constantly doubted. The energy factor in ESP has been labeled psi. In common usage, the communication of psi is in vibes. Vibes are short for vibrations.

In 1967 I asked the question, "How does my name look in my mind?" That's when I started to become aware of vibes. My working supposition is that I can get information about reality by asking myself, because I am real and I am connected to reality. I exercise intuition. I get insight. I ask my consciousness to visualize my inner processes. Then I tune my attention finely to catch the messages when they come. I work to discriminate between aimless flights of fancy, wishes, fears, and possible formulations of truths I am willing to trust.

I'm accumulating a body of theories in the form of writing, pictures, and stained glass designs that provides a model of our mental process and relationship to being. This system is named INSIGHT. In it, although vibes are the universal language, the way we become conscious of vibes is when they manifest on storage blocks in our brain cells. There I call them Information Vibrations. These visions form the basis for the images in this book.

I still wonder exactly how my name looks in my mind. I need further development, alone and with others, to find the code. Vibes involve aura or synergistic, concerted meanings related to the Whole; as well as the confused, separate vibrations of millions of tiny flicks composing an entity. I find it a field worth exploring with you.


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