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Acts of the imagination are devoted to being all that you can be and bringing that to whatever you can imagine. This one helps you design and celebrate a rite of passage. It can be for a death or a meditation or an out-of-body experience.

Visions, Records

Here are three records of involvement with the rite of passage. Two email messages and several graphic visions.

Vision record one

The first person wrote: My notes from the meditation:

My spirit guide came to help and so did my goddess-self. We had to be humble, had to strip down to the bones: become a skeleton to be in that space and then go back--or at the the same time be human because that represents where he came from. Provide the link.

How much is nature set by human intent?----Or some "being's" intent? Oh but aren't we all part of nature--can't nature have our feelings too? Are moods owned by humans alone? No, I think. Ozor is sent off in a bullet form like a piston in a valve. He is weary getting to the send off and before he goes we wipe his brow. Now laying down, he opens his eyes: clear as day and looks out. Something bigger than him is looking out of his eyes and we go all different angles and see that it is the eye that just is. My old snake friend is here: now a lethal python, now a laughing cartoon--this is the snake in the dream I had years ago: 6 days before Ozro, as I knew him, ceased to exist. Ozro and I were not that close but I can still send peace to this transition.

Another thing: my spirit guide shows me something. An old mentor, now passed away, comes back in her whites: she reminds me that I have to clean out the evil. Someone gives me a little hand broom and I sweep the four corners and in the middle comes a pyramid of white shoots poofs of smoke to the four corners and a canopy blooms over-head, see-through, like gause. Underneath my spirit guide is showing me how to muster my strength to create white light which draws a circle in/on the ground and the ground falls way to fire--cleansing fire where Ozro's earth-body goes. Ozro's spirit is elusive and passes on so quickly, there is no conscious communication between my id and whatever he is becoming. I start to float somewhere but I choose to ground myself. Then something evil comes by but it poofs out--I am not scared. The four directions have been saluted.

Vision record two

The second person wrote:

Pale, fuscia ultraviolet, glowing all over, like scorpion, skeleton, ic chip, structure needing to form anew. Not sure of scale, if is molecular, inner organ, mental or what. Interesting fast-changing images.

The cave shape is very helpful. Purple, deep blue colors lining the roof and sides are helping. I see another person in the ritual as if on the other side of a giant aquarium. I see through wavy water. Many biomechanical processes happening. Blue. Fuscia. I put up my hands as the other person is doing, in sending-healing pose.

All of a sudden Ozor wakes up. Knows what is happening. Has never been without use of arms and legs in extreme situations. Face in mummy hood of color. I think to blow these colors to him with breath. Saw bink of an awareness out of body. Alternating interest in me or the other person and inner processes.

But later the huge amount of pulling to release self, extricate self. That is detach self from body. Like bubble gum stuck or prying. Very attached. Actually very uninterested in the corpse. Not identified. But not sure who it is. Really no attachments just thinks it is. We helped clear up any doubt about what to do. Action oriented. Finally I saw whirling energy to the edge of the cave. Like balls at end of strings, whirled from a center, but more complex. There is no room for me and I leave.

I didn't get any feeling that it was over.

Vision record three

I, Caroling, am the third person. For my visions see the next page in the vision series.

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