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Acts of the imagination are devoted to being all that you can be and bringing that to whatever you can imagine. This one helps you design and celebrate a rite of passage. It can be for a death or a meditation or an out-of-body experience.

Visions, Records

There are three records of involvement with the rite of passage. Two email messages and several graphic visions. For the first two vision records see the first page in the vision record series. This is the second page in the vision series.

Vision record three

I, Caroling, am the third (and last) person recording visions as an example in this series. My record covers the transition from day 1 to day 8. Day 3 the spirit was encouraged to venture forth from the body, that is the time of the ceremony. On day 8, the body was cremated. I was involved for all seven days.

Get guidance and act on it, day 1

cave On the five-year anniversary of the first day after Ozro's death I became aware of the need to perform the ceremony. We needed to move the body virtually from the mortuary to a sacred cave. Here is a stone dome. Imagine a cave within.From then on, I helped keep watch at the entrance.

Invite participants, day 2

I prepared a transition Web page describing the ceremony and invited the participants.

Ceremony for spirit leaving body, day 3

The day of the ceremony--meditation.

Color healing with cave, day 4

I felt the ceremony was a success. However, I needed to continue vigil until the eighth day after death, the cremation. I created a color healing and added the cave image as a tribute to the process. Later it was great to hear the visions of others and see how they matched or complemented my own yesterday.

For information on generating your own color healing, see the color weather page.

Cave appears in the mountains, too, day 5

Cave appears in the mountains. Mountain cave settingMedium size (40K) or large size (80K) graphic.

Mist spirit emerges from mountain cave, day 6

emergentMist spirit emerges

and morphs MistMorph . See a QuickTime movie of the morph.

Color cycling the cave day 7

  • Special projects The next stage in Ozro's Rite of Passage is done by cycling the colors of the cave altar. There are two animated projects developed in SuperCard. To see them on the Web requires a plug-in available for Netscape and Microsoft browsers. You can try them at cave cycling.

    Since the setup is tricky, involving computer memory and so on, I provide the following alternative.

  • Graphics simulating the special projects These are screen shots from the animated projects. Green caveMagenta cave See the series of graphics.

Cremation, day 8

takeoff A moment before takeoff warp .
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