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Caution. These projects are under test. They sometimes crash the browser when you click the "Back" button to leave the page. For me, NN4 crashes on leaving. MSIE seems to work fine.

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The energy transformation ideas that came would not fit into the Web pages I'm able to create. The vision was of the cave transformed by color relationship changes. I created a graphic animation.

This project is based on a SuperCard project. It requires Quicktime and a Roadster plug-in. It works with Netscape 3 or higher, or with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or higher. The plug-in is available from Solutions Etcetera. Tested with Macintosh only, before 2000.

With the plug-ins in your browser's plug-in folder, you have two choices:

(Error message tip: Check the "About Plug-ins ..." (or any low-bandwidth page). Then browser "Go Back". Sometimes this enables the Roadster plug-in.)


This application was created using SuperCard .

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