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An eyebing is the center of a Wholeo symbol shaman seed visualized over your inner eye in your forehead. It contains a channeled chip of crystal wisdom from the star Sirius. See the weB log for details of its genesis. As a unit of awareness it followed an ordered progression and expansion to the galactic center during the period from the full moon after the Inner solstice of June 2013 to the full moon before the Outer solstice in December. It becomes a center of Wholeopen, blue galactic vibe regulator.

On December 11 and following (see weB log entry), I realized it should be an EIEbing. Since it first came to mind, I've wondered about the spelling and concept, whether eye or EIE. It has to do with expanded perception (eye) or consciousness (EIE). Each of the 12 pentagons has an active Wholeopen regulating vibes. See also a 3D model.

EIEbing flayed

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