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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 33

At the far end of the valley is a perfect red cone. Practicing "bringing the Inner to the Outer," I create an EIE. At "I SEND LIGHT," I surround individual animals with I EAT LIGHT spheres, asking them to transmit the events and truths of Matrix genetically, biologically. I walk up to the red cone. It must be an outer gate of Matrix. I can't see Matrix but the white topped mountains are visible again. I wave Hi to my friend.

Step 15

He wants to come with me as a jolly yellow disc I name Bill. He's a guardian angel who has been helping me for a long time.

Step 16

At new moon time, 2 p.m., I'm at Vilque Chico, on the main road around Lake Titicaca again. A truck picks me up, so I jostle quickly back to Huancane. Glad to get my room back to rest and wonder...what happened to me?

Next morning, meditation is extraordinary. Matrix tells me I have come to center. I have inseminated Matrix, started circulation, given body and enshrined spirit of Matrix on earth. The Red Hand spreads news of Future Civilizations. I go to the body of the Red Hand. As if in a flying saucer, I let myself go, hearing Om. Strong vibrational currents, climax orgasms of extreme fineness and duration, a color time of great complexity, a shape of light from my feet up my spine. There is all the delight of total communication with color light beings and spirit dance. A time of myriad candles. Tiny radiations, as though each tiniest aspect of me has become a star.

Step 17

I'm a cluster of these stars going someplace. I merge with Central Intelligence, a steady central light from the heart. This is a profound experience.

Step 18

I feel something pressing down hard on top of my head, extreme pressure inside my skull on the Cave of Brahma, the hollow within.

Step 19

To experience Future Civilizations more deeply, I shut out the sound of Huancane with earplugs. Listening, I hear high trills of bells which I allow to vibrate all of me exquisitely unto a sound climax with gongs and subsounds, like blowing over the tops of reed pipes, without fully sounding them.

Step 20

If I move awareness from Central Intelligence in my heart to the Gravity Center in my crown, sound is created. This is "calling." It is steady, single, outside of time.

Step 21

The Heart and Crown collapse and I know the Capstone is here. This is the highest I can go. The sun comes in the window of my room.

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