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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 20

In Puno (almost 4,000 m.) a dream leads me to feel the Feminine Ray and enter its energies. The necklace is an initiation present.

Doing the 12 middle steps, the wind spirits from the west side of the Andes get the gold flakes of the archtype going all over the world. My mind wanders some as a protection against the stronger Nergy here. I see Nergy is making what is dense (spirit) into what is rare (matter). Spirit is concentrated in nothing at the Point. Manifestation can be seen as the Light of the spirit.

Going, walking slowly.

I take a feather from Paracas and dirt from the coast I have washed from my hair and lay them in the garbage rimming the lake. I say, "I pay my respects to the Spirit of the Lake. I have come to enact the Feminine Ray and Matrix. Tscheschipo is here." A few flecks of white drifting down from the sky are melting snow.

I take a tour car to see the "chulpas" (funeral towers) of Sillustani. I have a strong feeling of connection with my self in ancient civilizations here. When will I be together again? Cutting up the hill to the left, I meet the best preserved chulpa with the smoothest joints between stones. I create an EIE with the I AM LIGHT steps. On "I AM BEYOND LIGHT," out stream waiting spirits. They teach me. "Place the chakras in the palms of your hands over the cracks between the stones. Sound with your heart to connect with the light stored between the stones. Suck it in. Store it between heartbeats. Store the Light of Sillustani." I'm very moved.

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