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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 28

Step 6

Most circulation we know is a T, a branching off the main vessel. In L circulation the Ts are opened up. Expanded nothing is induced to circulate. The Earth archtype, the shelter, the space between sounds, messages and energy of Matrix are made available. The 'ley lines' of circulation will be drawn out over the Sun Disc. Start around this lake and extend to Lake Titicaca on your trip. If done properly, it will enable Matrix to print her being and the circulation will become world wide.

BeTle is the key to circulation

Step 7

I walk to the top of the hill. The sky is rayed with thin clouds from north to south. I go to the place where the doorway would be. There are 9 white flowers growing on the ground with no stems. I cut one root out and peel it. It is white and juicy. A yoga guidance had said I would find and eat a white root named "lantana" at Matrix. I ask Yvoannes and Matilde if this is right. Affirmative. I put it in my mouth, chew well and swallow. Sweet and cucumber-celery like with a bitter peppery aftertaste. I'm afraid it will be fatal. This is surrender.

Step 8

In resonance in channels of circulation one wavelength is sent over the whole. Then increasingly more and finer. Circulation is not from inner big to outer small. Small and large touch each other. They are affirmed in succession, but happen all at once.

Step 9

Next comes the teaching of the 3 lakes as one. 1) The High Mountain Lake gathers gently and is never dry. Just be nothing. 2) The deep Volcanic Lake wells up from below. Push nothing through channels of circulation. 3) Down in the Valley Lake oozes out to all around. Ooze out circulation and return back through 2 to 1. Out and in goes the circulation.

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