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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 58

I continue through the various teaching stations for ascension.

Down below the square field is a tilted triangular rock with heart height rock (L) in front of it. I pray, facing east, getting a great rush of energy for ascension.

Sitting in the center of the square (M) is where to learn of the 5th Dimension. I set up Candelaria nodes at the corners. Tscheschipo and Tschiripaiya celebrate Altar (alter) with me. I pour water ritually. This is where to "ring the bell" alternating consciousness from Gravity Center to Heart as in Step 20. When I dematerialize, where do I go? I see EIEs deforming, zooming into new building blocks.

Walking south, by the big rock is a crevice (N) big enough to stand in. Face the rock, do sound healing to self and Gaia to find Inner Eye conducive to clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Next, an interesting triple triangle stone (O). Walk up steps to where a tetrahedronal pyramid capstone would be. Experience awareness below the knees.

Then comes a triangular cave (P) pointing towards Huayna Picchu. It is at the same level as the natural rock hill above Pacha Mama Rock, (Q). In Incan times, someone sleeps here constantly. I ignite the Flame here too. It fills the cavern. The one who stays here amplifies energy to the top of Huayna Picchu. This one will be next to ascend.

Then there is another rock-shadowed space (R) for initiates aspiring to ascension. Many sleep here, waiting to graduate to the first cave.

Above to the right are 9 curved ever-widening terraces, one for each Chakra. From the top wall (9th) protrude 8 ascending stepping stones (S). During the climb, a cleansing of Chakras and a healing of spirit by spirits.

This leads directly to a massive stone suggestively shaped as an ark. It is the map stone (T); the mandala and centering stone to the whole place. Also called the funerary stone. Here I talk to ancestors, have interaction with spirits. We make new contacts and exchange learning. Here I help a woman from the spiritual tour group be reconciled with her husband, who has passed away. Her gratitude is heart-warming. I ask "what is my path now that I'm free from my Peru task? Who am I?" I see red blood flowing down the stairs. The message is: sacrifice is the red carpet to ascension. My main feeling is cellular, atomic, nuclear. The Point of the pyramid is brought to each lowly body part and chakra.

At noon, while the spiritual tour members meditate at 4 sacred sites, I invoke the 5th D. climbing the Inca Trail up to the Gate of the Sun (U) where one first sees Machu Picchu when arriving on the trail. I throw my orchid flower (imbued with heart healing) asking that each entrant be given a Flame, Capstone Point and sphere of EIE with I EAT LIGHT, to raise the vibes of Earth and here. I ask the devas and spirits of Machu Picchu, Dream Power and Yvoannes to do it.

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