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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 50

I come down from Huayna Picchu. Standing on this rock, the flame comes into my heart. I walk to the great Altar, made of finely finished, huge stones. I bow my head in prayer.

A French couple interrupts, asking me to stand aside so they can photograph the Altar. Moving back, I ask for light to surround them. The flame is kindled on the Altar! It's time to go on the bus down. But I'm not ready to leave Machu Picchu. I walk down the railroad track to Aguas Caliente, a little town by the roaring river. In a room with 5 beds and 4 families, I lie, intent on extremely compelling visions. I'm given Orchid color in the Capstone and a chakra-style pillar of ascension; material for keeping the flame going. I'm welcomed into very colorful spirit surroundings.

It is clear that I have lived at Machu Picchu in a past life. I felt it today. I knew what everything was for. This has all been a projection. Really, I, She is an Incan Initiate. This trip to Peru has been her task mainly. She incarnated in me as the perfect partner for her aim. Now it is almost finished. She returns to her place; her time. The people in this room are her genetic connection. I am simultaneously Caroling from California and Tschiripaiya of Peru. Realities weave together. We have done well. I wake early and escape the mildewed room, forgetting my sun hat.

I think to look for the brightest star Sirius. It's about the time of year Egyptians began Sirius-worship. Over a peak is Orion. Sirius must be just below, a bit ahead of dawn.

I create an EIE here, more to the Point than ever, setting up permanent reverberations with the Sun Disc of Lake Titicaca. I get the message there is a flame waiting to be liberated below the ruins of Machu Picchu.

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