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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 36

This a.m. I'm out before dawn, almost frozen when the collectivo (car) pulls up. With each turn of the road, watching the mountains across the Lake getting closer is thrilling. At Desaguadero, I take a bus into Bolivia still at 3800 m. In Tiahuanaco I walk down a dusty road. A white peak is far in the east. Behind the fence is an amazing wall. Giant organically shaped stones stand at intervals. It's locked for the night.

I get a room with a straw tick bed on the floor. I light the candle as an altar to Michael, Melchizedek, Matrix, Yvoannes and all the concerned spirits. Today I did the Sun Disc Implanting chants all the way. The Capstone became solid white, still, with flashing gold light coming down through.

Closing my eyes to do the 3rd node of Candelaria, I find myself very centered. Tiahuanaco feels timeless. It doesn't pull one way or the other. I do the EIE and circulation for Matrix as at Puno, and the middle 12 steps. "Tscheschipo is here," I announce. The spirit of Tiahuanaco prepares me for tomorrow with rich dreams and pre-visions. I dream that the brown road is bent up at the end. Then I get a terrific shock through my whole body. In the next dream my house if full of wonderful areas of self development. The piano's keyboard is cut short (like a synthesizer.) This morning I tune into Cow energies. The last meaning of the Oannes' trident at Paracas is the Omega of the cow's horns. At 9 a.m. at the gate, I study the map of the site. "Largely unexcavated," it says. Once in, I wander enraptured.

I've never been in a place that seems so old and so continuously added to over the centuries. Some stones are bare, some are covered with lichens. In #4, I sit on one of 2 4' almost square stones. The corners would make a pyramid with my head.

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