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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 11

Soon I'm on a bus emerging from dust to the luscious river valley of Ica. Dr. Cabrera has found thousands of engraved stones which crowd a museum. His associate tells me their interpretation of the drawings. A race of superior men from space who eat light (the stones show 3 ways) and exude positive electricity, teach ordinary earth people. From times of men fighting with dinosaurs, to doing heart transplants, they include all known human time. The designs are all done beautifully, evenly, and masterfully, timeless in effect. I am very moved by their presence alone. There is a healing energy coming as much from within the stones as from the surface. I feel connected with a larger reality. These are definitely messages from beyond what I have known.

In yoga, I sense an ascension pillar of the artists. The risen city is named "Iea". The artists escaped time and space, meeting the spirits of creation, who entered time and space to help with the stones. Rising up with them I call, "Tscheschipo is here." They flock to the teaching of the radiant nothing. They give me a quipu (ancient local counting device) of 5 knots, to be untied later. Some spirits are liberated and come with us on the trip, on the way to Machu Picchu.

I catch a collectivo to Nazca. Pleasant, sitting in the back seat of the car, gathering the Nazca Light, caught over the desert as a bluish haze before the mountains. In Nazca, a blue cloud of positive energy surrounds me, non-localizing me. Hummingbird insect squeak. A being so prepared will benefit from a flight over the Nazca lines. /uu/uu///

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