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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 37

I "see" my double facing me on the other square. Lines from the Book of Knowledge echo. "Tiahuanaco is one of the most sacred places in South America." "When the Capstone of the pyramid comes to Earth, Melchizedek will open the Treasury at Tiahuanaco."

At the restaurant they say the tea, Mate de Coca, is expensive because coca leaves are hard to get. That's a laugh!

Following last night's guidance, I go 50 paces past the Gate of the Sun to an excavated pit. The information is that the "Treasury" is how to harness the halos of freed Cosmic Juices that rise over the head in Capstone of the Pyramid consciousness. They are to be sent as blessings. I see the tips of the cow's horns as points of light.

Step 30

In #6 is a standing block, perfect for balancing Male-Female energy. The next step comes. Extending the high and low notes beyond the piano keyboard up around the Cosmic Juice captures it. One can release the energy by sounding a certain note. Many notes give a different effect than a high or low one. Then plunge the keyboard into the center of the Juice. "Ompress" it (compress). In #5 I place my head on the neck of a headless statue. It tells me, "Surround the sounded Cosmic Juice with stone."

Back up on the enclosure of #4 is a 12' square rock 80 paces from the main gate. Standing on it. I get to the center of the Earth.

Step 31

This is the Treasure! The Cosmic Juice becomes very focused, zeros in serving Earth, feeding the Earth archtype.

#2 is a large irregular mound with a deep oval depression in the middle. The bottom here is caked--it has held water. The lake is the birthplace of humanity--a womb symbol. I walk out a spiral path, sitting sighting Mt. Illimani through the cleft to the east.

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