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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 19

Listening between sounds I get information in a kind of layered language. This taps into a whole set-up, like mental ruins, able to be reconstructed. The interface between sounds seems like the matrix of present reality. If I repair these ruins between myself and ancient civilizations, then sounds will be harmonious and healing.

Just before Crucero Altero, the high point on the way to Lake Titicaca, a strange thing happens. I approach the ancient civilization of the layered language in a light bubble. They let me in. They take me. Now this me here is just a copy. It's OK I reflect. Now I will be able to act from ancient guidance.

At Crucero Altero (4,500 meters) I pee. Then do yoga breathing of the high marvelous air. My purpose is to create a sensor, a spiritual outpost here. In Arequipa I was given a vision of a standard bearing a banner to place here to mark this event. I imagine it on the hill above town. I feel weak, bubbly, tremulous.

On the peak beyond the 2 lakes (reminding me of pools, the meditation technique of making two pools glow) is an old standard like mine. Tscheschipo as Viracocha on his way out, put it here, long ago. On a huge (15 m.) rock I create a light cloud as a connection point with my real self.

We follow a river on down to Juliaca on the altiplano. It feels up and light. I'm excited. As the train nears Puno I watch the full moon over the lake. At last, the LAKE. The center of the Feminine Ray, where I've been drawn for 5 years. The Lake, appearing in my visions and meditations with increasing insistence and significance. Lake Titicaca, the challenge of my trip. And who am I? Will "I" be able to function with my real self held captive in unknown ancient civilizations? My sureness seems about as big as the moon out there in the dark, its reflected sun light fragmented on the surface of this mysterious lake.

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