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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 24

In town I get a bed in the restaurant lady's room. The next morning there's a blue Navaz Nergy lightening. It's a dynamic step beyond the Nergy raring. I radiate this lightening to permeate this area with my purpose. Today is the big day--June 28. There are 3 lakes, not one. The restaurant lady's teenage brother and his friend will guide me in exploring.

After an hour up hill we reach Lake Ajoyani. Up to the right there is a hill that looks like the Matrix of my visions. It could hold a pyramid. Over the ridge to the left is a large round valley. The lake below is heart-shaped. We find its edge oozes all over the valley. On the way back is a small perfectly round volcanic crater lake filled with fresh blue water. It must lead to the tunnels to Mt. Shasta. The day has been full but I'm not very sure.

The people here seem to like me but are puzzled. Why don't I have companions to laugh with? And where is my camera? And how am I going to get out of here with no transportation? I say, "I'd like to go camp by the high lake." They can't think of any objections. The land is not privately owned. They hit a sensitive spot on the companions issue. I believed somewhere along the way I would meet others on the same mission. It seems so compelling, so obvious. Surely I can't be the only one. Now I have to face it. It is me. Alone, here now.

In the night my legs ache from the past two days walking. I feel the Red Hand is near. In imagination I take a small egg of crystal light from the palm chakra of the Red Hand. I heal my legs by slowly mentally massaging each muscle back and forth from hip to ankle with the egg. I surround myself with green, the green planet past the first 39 steps. Last year I heard green is the gateway to the higher colors. It is also the first color at the base of the capstone of the pyramid of light.

Surrounding Hills. Lago Willcayecsso. Chulpas. Matrix. Lago Volcanico. Lago Ajoyani.

As I set off from town early, a farmer looks at me in agitation saying "Where are YOU going?" "Up to the lake" I say cheerfully. He shakes his head, "no." I don't know what he's saying and I don't want to. It's not his land. I turn on my way. This is it. Either I find Matrix or fail. The sense of adventure is keen. I don't remember so many forks in the path. About halfway up I rejoice. I see the track of my vibram soled hiking boots--we must have gone this way yesterday. How good it is to reach the high lake. I rest and then strike into new territory to the right of the lake. On I go, then stop in my tracks. There is a print of a vibram sole that exactly matches mine. We went the other way yesterday. Hopes flash high. Maybe I'll meet my sole-mate up here.

Climbing higher, I find water. I'm so happy, I forget my concern with the shepherd. Looking up, it occurs to me that I should be able to see the snow-covered peak from Matrix. Or hopefully my friend on the peak. As I come up the hill in the direction I'd seen years ago in yoga (60 degrees east of north) I have to circle counterclockwise in heading for the top. The sun is hot but I'm refreshed by the cool breeze. My spirit is perfection. Climax! It's 12 noon. And I am here. This IS Matrix.

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