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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 23

The map says there's a hotel and restaurant there. But look! There is a little lake that I have overlooked. Now I know where to go for sure. Thank you Pacha Mama. The next days are unconscious, except for one line, "Bill is here."

Back in Puno, today is the big holiday of Inti Raymi, the Inca bring-back-the-sun day (following the solstice.) I intend to break the psychic spell started when the first Incas emerged from the Lake. There's a new vibration, a new leadership ready to spring from the oracle of the lake. It doesn't negate the old. It fulfills its prophesies and resolves its contradictions. In yoga, I'm charged with a new energy. The healing spreads out until I open up to the goodness of Mt. Shasta, holy mountain of northern California. As if a bicycle chain wrapped around a huge mill stone begins to turn--this is the activation of the sun disc. It gains momentum and begins to whirl beyond perception. This will effect great changes.

The second bus of the day takes me around the top of the lake to Huancane. This whole area is within the aura of Matrix. I feel parts of myself functioning that were merely ideas before. I had to get here to do what I have to do. How to go on? I want to reach Matrix by June 28th. This will be the most powerful day astrologically for me all summer.

I catch a truck going south. It's hard to stand and hang on. Someone tells me there is no hotel in Rosaspata. I'm uncertain and go to Moho on the truck. I'm told there is no transportation north tomorrow. The spiritual energy here is higher than ever before--as is also my desire to escape. I want to go home. I hate Peru. The most subtle temptation intrudes. After all, this trip is really all in my mind. Why not just go to Rosaspata astrally, now. I lie and see a vision of Candelaria--dark virgin of the lake.

I remember the advice form my spiritual healing group at home, "Don't let protection get in the way of guidance." My faith in my guidance has been tested by: 1. Anger at my landlady. 2. Considering going with the handsome young man with a car. 3. Sensitivity to kids laughing at me. 4. Discouragement. 5. Materialism. 6. Laziness. I ask Dream Power, "What should I do in the morning?" I sleep a little.

My dreams tell me that unconsciously I want to go home, but it is possible to go to the "leadership meeting." As the sun comes up, I lighten my load, shoulder my pack and walk up the road. I feel amazingly good. There's no sign, but I turn off on the road to Rosaspata. I'm the only one making tracks besides the sheep, llama, alpaca, dog, bird, donkey, bicycle, human, and motorcycle tracks.

A short ways up over the hill and I'm looking down an increasingly lush river valley. Above are the peaks seen from Amantani. Where the figure had appeared is a frenzied show of shapes and flashes, a promise of ascension. "Jump for Joy," it says! Soon lost to sight behind the foothills. The people are shy as their animals. I wave but they don't see me.

All of a sudden an old woman is walking fast towards me. We shake hands. (I forget to do the Feminine Ray handshake.) She's grinning like the welcoming committee, apparently overjoyed to see me. She feels my clothes, speaking Aymara. I put my hand on her shoulder and say, "I'm so glad to see you." Then she rushes off across the field. Could she be an emissary of Matrix?

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