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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 25

The white peaks visible from this hill are near Crucero Altero, where the lakes are; where I lost my self that I must reclaim from ancient civilizations. This is a very special place in being in a sounding valley, ringed with higher hills, with vibrator lakes below, admitting only the far away light form Crucero Altero to the central peak, Matrix.

There's a cleft in the top of this hill running roughly north and south. Facing south is a sunken portion with a little cave to the northern end. Its opening focuses about at my heart, although I can't get in it. The minute I see it, I adopt it as my cave. Here I will meditate and sleep. Below it are some smooth paving stones--evidence of the stone makers. To the northwest is the outline of a possible door to enter a pyramid room in the top of the hill. I have been there many times in my yogic visions of Peru. To the west is a marvelous "feel-vibes" rock. It sticks up like a sea lion's head and is all warm. Even its shadow side is much warmer than the other rocks. There is a walled in seat facing the setting sun. At the very top of the hill is a knee-high pile of rocks with a big flat one on top. I stand on it. Belle Winde, Matilde of the Red Hand, St. Germaine, St. Michael etc. all surround me, giving support. Some farmers are looking at me. I'm afraid they won't like me standing on a Pacha Mama shrine. So I get down.

I excavate my cave a little and settle back comfortably on my foam pad and sleeping bag. I eat. Buddha never had it so good. I see the Red Hand chakra covers the whole top of this hill. I do I AM LIGHT and create an EIE here. This is the place to send from.

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