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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 35

Step 24

To get on with the biology of the 5th Dimension, take the slivers from Inseminating Matrix. Use them to fill in the "5th Socket" of the pyramid Capstone to create a pentagonal pyramid.

Step 25

Next day I get information on how to proceed. Go counterclockwise around Lake Titicaca. All along the road do Implants. Chant: "Bru-hu-ho Ar-ju-na-ho Fer-a-zil M'hail-kree" 3 times for Flames Plants and Colors springing up from ancient civilizations. Then to ground the energy springing down from Future Civilizations to meet them, chant: "Des-dun-ka," one time for each corner of the pyramid. Then: "da-da-da-da, da, DA-da," a few times. This will consolidate the results as the Sun Disc. Create the Candelaria mandala and do circulation patterns at each of 4 nodes: 1. Huancane 2. Puno 3. Tiahuanaco 4. Sorata.

Step 26

Finally I ask for a healing from Matrix. It comes simply and totally as opal colored light. This wholeness, peace, and love is what I basically want for me, to spread around Lake Titicaca and then to the rest of the world. This is the essence of what we need. I get it. And go.

Pressed into an old bus with a crowd, riding around the top of the Lake, I chant inwardly, constantly, Going to Crucero Altero psychically, I go between sounds and connect with ancient civilizations. Then I do the Implanting with the Bru hu ho chant. I imagine a release of the flames fanning out to the middle of the Lake and out to the edge of the Sun Disc each time. Then I go to Matrix, listen, moving awareness from crown to heart, calling until the light comes down the Capstone. I do the 4-fold Des-dun-ka and then several 7-fold beats to put the tops on from Future Civilizations. I surround the people on the bus and the whole town of Juliaca with I EAT LIGHT spheres, asking them to transmit these events genetically.

Step 27

In Puno I visualize the Candelaria mandala. I take the next step which is the state of the open Capstone, admitting light from Future Civilizations, while the gold Cosmic Juice is risen above it as a halo. It is steady, perfect, maintaining.

Step 28

Next is to radiate, connect and ground that energy. I do it by Pools--a technique learned long ago in a dream. Glow 2 small ovals. I make equal pools of light, concentrating the brightness from Matrix and amplifying the glow at the receptor.

Step 29

At one point the Earth appears as formless. How awesome. When the Capstone light is truly transmitted, grounded, Earth is seen as spiritualized, formless. Me too.

In the morning sun glinting off the Lake, I devise How To Do Circulation. I do the I AM LIGHT steps, creating an EIE at the node. In I CREATE LIGHT, I do steps 5 through 13 of the last 39 steps. In I SEND LIGHT, I send the liberated Cosmic Juices along the channels of resonance (circulation) and send one to each Implant of the Sun Disc.

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