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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 44

At midnight in Copacabana the full moon is straight overhead. In meditation the Capstone is solid golden opal, like the skin of Matrix. At the same time the Capstone is loose, kind of opening and dissolving. I Am the Capstone. A wonderful thing happens. I raise the vibration of Earth one step. First there is light flowing and expansion--the basic gesture. Since it has all been raised uniformly, there's no dazzling, no shock. I feel the pure gold of the Earth archtype sending gold flakes in formlessness.

To substantiate this I create an evolved EIE centered in Earth with the outer limit past the EIE made over the equator. I do the 12 middle steps and I AM LIGHT and repeat the last 39 steps. The teachers, Matrix, ancient civilization, Future Civilizations, the Galaxy People, Sun People and the Brotherhood all agree to help maintain Earth at one step up in vibrations.

I hope it's true. I know it is an illusion. Illusions are where things start.




At the market, I meet 2 friends drinking Api. It's hot and sweet; made from purple corn, cinnamon and cloves. It heals my stomach.

Visiting the shrine of Candelaria, known in the church as Nuestra Senora de Copacabana, I ask for her aid in spreading the light.

She's a doll, an idol, a focus of energy. In the nave of the church is a monstrance with the sign of Candelaria I saw in vision long ago. At sundown I climb the religious hill. From a church on up to the top are 14 massive stone Stations of the Cross, which are now also 5D Inseminated Capstone Chakras due to my affirmations. Past the last cross are seven glassed-in shrines to the 7 Dolors (all traumas) leading to the peak. It is the Virgin. Her whole attention is up-turned in fervent prayer. Obviously this is the Women's Center. Seated at its base, I meditate and ask that vibrations of Earth be upped one more step. From here I am so moved to see the Island of Amantani. It seems so long ago.

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