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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 55

The Capstone light extends to a sphere the size of the circle of aspirants. I soothe the non-sympathetic tourists. And generally promote this invocation.

The group finishes and regroups nearby. I'm drawn to the Post and its setting. I climb up on the rock studying the Vibe-shaped base. One might spiral in counterclockwise to kneel in the group's position, then take one step up and walk clockwise to kneel facing SW with elbows on the sun stone. I pray and enter deeply into the bliss of ascension, the spirit of ascension. I am not separate anymore.

I hear a loud man's voice approaching, saying, "Look at that! I come here yesterday and there are too many people to take pictures. No look...these people are trying to take over." My meditation is strong. I know he wants me to leave, but I feel this is my time, the fulfillment of my task. I am preparing to ascend. "You know," shouts the man, angrily continuing to berate me as he stomps up on the stone, "this is not your place. Now get out of my way. This is my place too!" He sits right down on the Sun Post top, pinning my sleeve under him.

The blessing comes through me. I get the Point. I am healed. I can heal. I am strong in spirit and this man is very needy in spirit. I place my hands on his back and chest, surrounding his heart. The energy flows. Nothing could be more beautiful. The man is unaware, yet moves not under my hands. I say, "You can't separate this place from the people using it. They should be in your pictures. This place isn't only the way it looks."

West Side View

Top View Kneel Kneel

Intihuatana, sun hitching-post. Photo by a member of the spiritual tour, 1981. Intihuatana, sun hitching-post. Photo by a member of the spiritual tour, 1981.

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