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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 32

He's excited and speaks too fast. I say calmly that I don't speak Spanish well, please speak more slowly, indicating in my tone that they are gentlemen paying me a social call. I explain that in my country camping is common. I find this place beautiful, especially the stars. I'm working on a book. They look at my drawings with no comment. They all go over to the sun seat. I remember when I was drying my shiny silver mylar space blanket there earlier, thinking it must make a powerful reflector. Maybe they thought it was a giant signal. They look and look and find nothing. They come back around me. I can't understand what they are saying. I wish my Spanish were better. Maybe some of them only speak Aymara.

Finally the spokesman says, we leave you. I notice one of the men is the one who tried to detain me as I left town. His vibes are no good. Was he the one who got up this group of vigilantes? I lie down to finish eating. What if one of those guys isn't satisfied with the group decision? I feel extremely vulnerable. It's dark. No moon. Up I get, pack quickly and sneak off without my flashlight on. I seem to have a light at my back. I turn around a few times to see if I'm being followed. Down the hill sheep dogs come at me from three sides. I jab my light at them shouting, "Go home," in English. It takes awhile to find the path beside the lake. Then I brush past a man looking like a tree, carrying a towering load of hay.

The stretch of the Milky Way I have never seen before, from Crux, the Southern Cross on down ends right over the town of Rosaspata. It's as if a few stars had sprinkled down in the dark valley. I walk as fast as I dare, lose the path and follow the stars, find the path as it goes over the river gorge bridge. I run. I bang on Amanda's door. She answers. I cry, "Ocho hombres...terrible!" She hears my story and gives me the room alone. I'm rather thrilled and energized than tired.

At dawn I'm up and off, glad to be on the open road. I turn to look at Matrix. I cry. "Matilde (guardian angel of Matrix) I tried. Was I before my time?" I sense some of the spirits stay in the ascension pillar that springs up there. I stop and turn many times to look at Matrix fondly, from my heart. A pilgrimage to find the object of my yoga dreams after so many years; to be with her with such great inspiration; and now to leave after 2 days. Sad and yet wonderful. I feel nothing but unconditional love for Matrix. My union with Matrix goes on.

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