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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 22

The boatman motions me to my host. We walk slowly up the path to his house. From here I can see the whole lake. No vehicles, no electricity, dirt floors. For 4 days I will eat what they raise: oca, potatoes, quinoa, eggs and delicious water. At 12 midnight the moon is straight up. I feel I can dive into the stars of Sagittarius. In yoga I go from light through mists and drapes to brighter lights; deeper and deeper. I get to the source of the Feminine Ray. A shaft of light falls into rings. I bring them back. They influence the propagation of light in some way. In the center of the ring is the capstone of the pyramid, full of light. The experience is vivid, like a physical event. In I CREATE LIGHT, I use the peaks of this island (male and female) as poles for grounding the Ring.

At the top of the main peak is a round enclosure for Pacha Mama, the heavenly earth mother, in the shape of rings! I extend the Feminine Ray Ring to all Lake Titicaca. Many spirits appear in an ascension column and are invited to come along, on the way to Machu Picchu. I'm told to close the ring of light from Sillustani. At dawn Pacha Mama comes to teach. She says that working on my light body and ascension is not separate from her. Love her. Accept her watery nature, the unconscious. She says, "It is right to go to Matrix next. The way is prepared." I'm looking where I believe Matrix to be. I see a figure on one of the peaks. What? It beckons. "Beyond Moho is a lake. Go there and meditate in a cave." The red dot on the map is close to Rosaspata.

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