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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 26

Everything here is magnified and communicated to all earth. I go through the steps. In I AM BEYOND LIGHT, I go down into the cave. I pass through layer after layer of shelters until I reach the tiniest shelter within me. I expand the nothing archtype of Earth. Suddenly I'm doing the 12 steps all at once, holding hands with the teachers, between sound. This is the way to ancient civilizations to reclaim myself.

Step 1

I'm in the temple in the hill where the Galaxy People were stored. We're one now. I feel their support, surrounding me. I run through a tunnel saying, "Caroling, real self, I want you back." It is amazingly easy to get me. I'm in some kind of fantastic city at the end of the passage. What a sense of well-being in reunion. This is the first of the last 39 steps.

Step 2

The 2nd step is only out from here, the real self. Never again move from any other place. It has to do with the green dot which you see here centered in the diamond crystal chakra in the middle of the Red Hand.

I open from my heart out, in my heart, all the treasure, knowledge, magic and spiritual values of ancient civilizations. This is a process of will, a fight to miniaturize and internalize all that has been external to our culture and which has been capable of capturing me. Using the leverage of what we have developed in the 20th Century, I include the present and go on to the evolutionary future. I see a very fast series of technologies of light power, impossible to capture verbally or pictorially. We will do it through honest following of guidance.

Will it. Will to know, be and do all that civilization has mastered. With a magnifying glass concentrate the rays of the sun on your hand chakra. This is how you focus the light. Heat is needed by evolution.

It's 4 o'clock. Time to get ready for night. From the right a solitary figure, as if an animation of the landscape, strides from the right, playing music on a flute, like a deep trumpet, filling the space. The gold hills slowly lose their glow. I'm awake in the night, watching the stars passage. What a wonderland.

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