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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 47

Later Gaia comes. She is the spirit of Mother Earth. She gives me a process including making an Earth EIE of mysterious Still Light and the formless Point. I do it. She tells me this is the ultimate of powers available through the Sun Disc. They are:

  1. Communication.
  2. Gold, released Cosmic Juices.
  3. Navaz Nergy EIE.
  4. Sisterhood initiation Freedom Celebration.
  5. Still Light Point EIE.

As the sun nears the horizon I hear that Tscheschipo is here. He has finally reached his destination. It is circulation with Still Light Point EIE in Earth with Gaia. A bell in town clangs! Meditation is done for the day. I wonder what I'll do tomorrow. Could go to the other side of the Lake, to the Island of the Sun, home, etc. In 4 dreams I wildly try to adjust to the new insights. Life changes are always hard for me.

The day does not dawn. It's cloudy and I'm depressed. I meditate again. A depressed day is just as real as a high day. It takes me all day to find out that I wish to send healing from the true center of the Women's Center. The shrine on the hill is the outer gate. But the Point is our altar. True healing comes from the Point.

Next day I catch the bus for Yunguyo and for Puno. I concentrate on the sparkling state, feeling Earth upped in vibration several steps.

In Puno mobs of people want to go to Cuzco. The trains are full. I take the bus--like going on horseback. Our spirits are kept high by musicians. We rise into snow-capped mountains, leaving the bleak Altiplano. My heart tweaks. At the pass I say, "Tscheschipo is here," mentally bashing the news over the heads of the mountains. A dirt leak develops over my head in the bus. It reminds me that Tscheschipo culminated in Copacabana. Serves me right.

Cuzco (3,500 m.) is nice but I'm drawn to Machu Picchu.

At 5 a.m. I'm the only gringo jammed into a 2nd class train with the people, descendants of the Incas and the spirits who ascended from this land.

I get off the train into an awesome place. There's a thrill of excitement as the bus switches back and forth up the vertical hill with views of jungle plant-covered slopes woven with misty skies.

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