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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 27

Before dawn the piper comes striding back the path. I'm afraid he will see me and jump down. The piping stops. In my cave, the water is frozen. Vision of blue haze over the top of Matrix, covering the hill. Down the sides flow red rivers. I see last night's vision of spinning lines, as though seeing the stars in time photography. My mind is now so slow, the stars appear as tracks of white in the black sky instead of points of light. I keep going to sleep, being so slow. This makes me angry. My goal is for reality; I don't want this to remain a fantasy. I want changes; I want it to happen.

Step 3

I command Yvoannes, "Teach me how to do SLOWNESS without going to sleep." A coiled thread appears. "Imagine yourself to be in it, then draw in the ends of the thread. When you have achieved it, a bluish-pink color will appear, the color of haze on the far away Andes."

Step 4

I do it. I need a lock to hold slow consciousness while taking other steps. "Attract stone. It is first seen as grey pebbles surrounding the thread of time. Gradually thicken and darken it to solid stone."

Now I want to stop the bleeding, the red ooze from Matrix. What is it? "It is guidance that is not being used. We will gather it, channel it, make it to flow from our heart, as our earth's life blood. Mother Earth is a higher being. First we must impregnate Matrix metaphorically and then form vessels of circulation. First imagine it. Persevering, you'll find yourself doing it."

"Ancient civilizations know how to bring physical light to Nergy light without creating destruction. Learn from them. Imagine love of Matrix. Evolutionary impregnation is not you vs. her. You play all the parts enacting the process as a hologram in your imagination."

Step 5

Doing it seems so vivid, so real. I visualize 6 sperms of physical light in EIE pointing toward 6 Navaz Lightenings. Let deep spiritual love flow. Matrix is inseminated.

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