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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 40-41

Mauritimoreal says, "La Paz is a higher Lima; a connection of 20th Century international culture with the spiritual leadership of on high." I leave the elevator, phone, doorman, hot water and red carpets. I go to the Hotel Torino which is so old the floorboards to my room are so thin I step from joist to joist to be safe. In a vain attempt to find out about the other side of the Lake I go to bookstores, Instituto Geographico Militar, and Calle de Brujos (Witch St.)

In yoga I discover a really grand solid sparkling immense Capstone. I let go of my desire to control, center balance in Self and clear. The Capstone becomes round, then formless. I flex my 14-fold 5th dimensional spine. All of a sudden I feel the separate power of spirit. It is like a fierce oil of magnetism. It has brown, black, white, blue facets of liquid viscous jets. This energy is so attractive; separate from my body. I decide to move in it. It comes to be a pure mild soft flying saucer. All is wispy breathings of high delicate sounds. My Gravity Center expands. The pyramid has a straight glowing central channel of bright hot volcanic light. The high and low keys of Tiahuanaco, instead of curling around the Cosmic Juice, reach out straight up.

Step 34

Then I simply join the Great Whole Light Brotherhood, a substantial event. Spirit is dense. I enjoy the state of being although I'm not able to define it. Not lost, very content, I feed my Self with Spiritual Presence. It's the Blue Vortex, positive electric energy. I need to mountain climb. I relate to elementals and ask that they recreate the Capstone spine as long as necessary. Thank "you" for my initiation into the Brotherhood.

On the street, a rush and tremendous noise of a helicopter descending. A man with a machine gun nudges me out of the way. "What's happening?" "El President!" I avoid the crowd.

Next day I take a bus with the Bolivian Andes Club. My Brazilian seat mate and I smile a lot. I feel lighter, gayer, finer the higher we go towards Mt. Chacaltay (5,300 m.) Near the top is an emerald green lake. Above it a deserted adobe hut. People once lived here! I take 1/2 Diamox pill.

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We pass the "Observatorio de Fisica Cosmica." They have set out little white pyramids as "detectors" in a network over the sides of the mountain. The rocks are all colors, metallic, striated or bubbly. Past the unused ski chalet, the snow has melted off the path to the peak. At the top is the purest wilderness of rocky snow covered peaks I've ever seen. Except for misty Lake Titicaca, all the air below looks thick and grey. Only above is rare clean sky. Up is where I want to be.

Step 35

In meditation I do the middle 18 steps. Facing east I feel a volcano of light through the Capstone. As a Brother I rise up over it. I need the Blue Vortex of positive electric energy from my Self and the Peak. I bring it up in a "vesica piscis" over the peak and capture the flame of the Brotherhood. I bring it down into my heart. Now I am a keeper and giver of the flame. Part of me stays here always. The cook returns some money I lost, so I send her the flame in healing.

In the morning I miss the bus to Sorata. After rushing far uphill to another, my fingers are tingling with exertion. Mountains to the right. In Achacachi I get a taxi. We turn from the beautiful Lake Titicaca slowly descending towards the Yungas (jungle). I take a great liking to the twin peaks Ancochuma (7,000 m.) and Illampu very close to my right. I have been doing the Sun Disc Implanting Chant the whole way. Now I get sucked right under the mountain where a flame has been keeping.

Step 36

On Bru-hu-ho, the flames of the implants that had been 1' high, spring to 12'. This extends to all the flames of the Sun Disc so far. The plants are enormous too and the colors billow out like smoke. Without this amplification, everything would have remained in the beginning stages. I make a pyramid in and then over the mountain. Its spirit generously expands the Capstone and zooms it out to hover over Lake Titicaca and the Sun Disc. The mountain is delighted to help. In Millipaya, I change to riding in the back of a truck, along the luscious gorge.

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