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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 39

I awake at midnight smelling llama dung smoke; feeling more and more intensely electrical. Using the 2 golden horns of the cow increases my power potential. I connect with a powerful presence here--a blue electrical positive energy. I begin to send it out. The Treasury holds a storehouse of Blue Light here. They knew how to use it. I send it to Future Civilizations. This leads to experiencing an ethereal ochre, purple, and blue architecture. Is this what Tiahuanaco has become? I wonder if the Sun Disc has anything to do with these lakes? Is it significant that Puma Punku is a square around a lake, like the nodes of Candelaria? Titicaca has been translated "Rock of the Puma." Also, "Doorway to Other Dimensions."

The unleashing of the Blue Vortex encourages the Chakra of the Red Hand to manifest. In it for me tonight is the experience of the Twin Flame. In endless ways I unite with my opposite. Each conflict jars us into greater union in a ever-unfolding discovery of mutuality.

In the morning the bus is jammed with campesinos and faint with dust. I catch stunning views of the Cordillera. I imagine going up into the vast snowy peaks. At the rim of La Paz, we spiral down into a cup of increasingly modern city, 3,600 meters up.

In the morning there is a white sparkliness about the Capstone. I have coasted effortlessly in my dream, but someone is missing. In Yoga, I decide to look for him. Immediately Mauritimoreal , an androgynous spirit of the Great Light Brotherhood appears, asking me to write. It says:

"It is time for those in the world committed to evolution to listen to the spirit, secret and mystery of the Andes. This is the gathering point of vibrations dear to your heart. Listen. I will tell you in words what you must do. Go as close as you can get to the Cordillera Real which is Sorata. Find the low point under the mountains with your spirit and listen. Listen to me. I am under the Lake and under the mountains. Here you can hear me. It is time for you to take on more; for you to sense more and be more. The 5th dimension IS HERE NOW. Work with the sparkles from the Capstone."

"See the sparkles form a separate pyramid. Then do the step of using the slivers from Inseminating Matrix to form a 5-sided pyramid. Go under it. What you are going to do is thread these expanded 5th dimensional pyramids on a cord running from above your head down your spine into Earth. This will be your own pillar of ascension and will guide you to be 5th dimensional now. You are a seed. Do it now. Then keep writing."

Step 33

I do it. There are 14 pyramid chakras. One under feet, feet, mid-calves, knees, mid-thighs, root, below navel, below heart, heart, below throat, throat, below crown, crown, over head, the shimmering Capstone.

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