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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 46

At 6 a.m. I wake from a good night's sleep and go right into deep yoga, in the Navaz EIE. I love it and the company of the female spirits. We extended to co-exist with the grand EIE centered below Lake Titicaca, and the great Earth EIE created when the vibrations were raised. It is done easily. In I SEND LIGHT we send the Navaz Nergy light to the center of the Sun Disc. The sun comes up at this moment. I ask help of the Sun People. They're delighted. So as not to be overpowered, I send via 2 pools as horns. One to what needs healing and one to Matrix. A big circuit is set up of beautiful power flows. This special Navaz light is now available from Sun Disc to world. This is the Feminine Ray Benefit. I'm totally overjoyed. I've never felt so happy as I am today. Walking to market, I'm afraid people will think I'm on a drug trip. Back in meditation, my space is an expanding space vehicle. Out come pale spidery life forms. They resemble the UFO, with lightning legs. They can live where the Feminine Ray is exerted. Like lichens on rocks, they'll lead to higher spirit forms later.

I exchange love and greetings with St. Germaine, Feminine aspect of the Amethyst Ray, great New Age guide; and with Matilde, Saint of the Red Hand of Matrix, herald of Future Civilizations and evolution. There's a pressing in coral intensity. I'm being initiated into the Sisterhood. It's different from the Brotherhood and men can be initiated too. I meet Candelaria, the first human to follow Matrix and establish a Female Center at Lake Titicaca. With each spirit I exchange essence. Belle Winde is my perfect mate--me so slow, her so fast. She's the little understood representative of Chaos and Power, messenger of the Nagual. Leora, Saint of the 5th dimension, guide for transformation, I find so hard to meet. I'm not ready yet. Peacea comes teaching me whirling pools with dark centers. As much darkness as is needed is available. This helps me conceive the brightness. It is a flame, intensified. Peacea is a Feminine aspect of St. Michael, archangel and personal guide to Ascension. Essie, the Pomo Indian Shaman, bringer of great wisdom, appears as the tiniest black dot, non-existent, the essence of a point, having no other dimension. Marea, the Mother of Christ, most effective Ascended Master for many people today, embodies Sacred Heart, Goddess, and St. Elizabeth. She teaches steam, where the water of Self is burned in the Flame of the Sisterhood and is contained with the high and low notes of Step 30.

After the initiation come the freedoms.

  1. Freedom of Expansion.
  2. Freedom of Speed.
  3. Freedom of Sound.
  4. Freedom of Brightness.
  5. Freedom of Joy.
  6. Freedom of Stillness.
  7. Freedom of color.

I favor and explore the last freedom. How can all colors be in one place at one time? They can. I blend it with the others, partaking in a great Sisterhood exercise of Freedom. What a turn-on. This has replicas and can be communicated by the sun Disc.

At noon in the sun bath, I'm getting interviewed by Sun People, there on the sun. They have news and I'm on it. The topic is the progress of the Sun Disc and the grounding of the Feminine Ray on Earth. It doesn't take the form of logical exposition. Sending a kind of beam or X-ray, they "get the picture" directly. I feel better and better all the time.

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