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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 61

The Spiritual Tour Group, devotees everywhere, Galaxy People and band of spirits gathered through Peru and Bolivia help. The flow is started and a solid sphere Earth Cosmic Juice drop is made. This will enable us to function on a higher plane.

I go through multicolored small wiggly worms to communicate with colored light beings. Then comes the after-image state. It is pale turquoise blue--soothing, electric, most refined. It hits me--that's the color of the Earth aura. I experience ascension into formlessness. This uncreated state is fully available here and now. It's not a different place. Ascension is a state of mind. It is best to acknowledge the tremendous potential of Earth. I tune into a thick turbulent energy, the undiscovered riches and the plants, the vision of paradise, Paititi. I go out to talk to the plants and animals here. My mood is evanescent. One moment I have no faith, the next I feel on the brink of discovering Paititi.

Awhile ago, St. Michaiel told me to look for teachings from the Amazon on new moon day. This has been it. I have decided to be law-abiding, to follow the lessons of order and hierarchy. I'm not going to import these coca leaves. I'll chew them here where it is legal. "Yvoannes, bring me the best healer spirit in the Amazon area. Bring it right before me on the bed. I place this piece of bark from the jungle for it to rest on. I offer these coca leaves, this llipta (lime mineral) and this ring for the joining of our spirits. I have come here to the headwaters of the Amazon of Spirit. I come from the Incas and the north as a friend. Yvoannes, call."

The coca leaves taste green, good. The llipta to mix with them burns my mouth. The first movement of consciousness is the water in the river, wind, and sap flow, snake. Grasp or emulate with your spirit, flute song. The Lake's name may be Paititi Cocha. A circle of 13 tiny healers appears around the bark. It grows to a great succulent, irridescent flower bud on my bed. "Yvoannes, allow me to experience the leadership visions of the Ayahuasca Vine, the Yaje leaves, and the Vilca Yopo. They must see me too. It must be real."

The flower glows phosphorescent green. The room becomes the jungle and the flower is the fire. About 13 of us around the campfire. We are snakes and tigers and trees. The jungle closes in so we are tight. We rise up as the smoke of the flower fire. We travel on our electric blue positive charge on the surface of the Earth, snaking towards Paititi. It's on the magnetic equator, near the river Alto Madre de Dios. I'm really there. That is, it is here in... At this point all the electricity goes off. Paititi cannot co-exist with the electricity here. The message is clear in the dark. I go in the flame in the center of the flower. This is the 3rd flame of my initiation; flame of Paititi.

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