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On the Way to Machu Picchu, 14-15

Waiting in Nazca, the hot adobe dusted streets are uncomfortable. I go to the big cool bar of the State Tourist Hotel. As I sit deep in a soft armchair sipping a delightful Pisco Sour--the middle 12 steps of the pyramid come to me, almost all at once. They are the teachings of Yvoannes, (female spirit of Oannes) given by a circle of 12 women.

  1. Kathea teaches going into the dark shelter in the EIE of Goddess where the gold flakes are in the archtype. It is the pure point of nothing.
  2. Kerenoannes teaches the use of alcohol, or "spirits." Become drunk and feel your feet rising as the Nazca and Paracas gods with the floating feet.
  3. Ann teaches clarifying the aim; seeing the figure clearly. The flow is from below the heart up out through the armpits and shoulders. There are three stages: (graphics)
  4. Theodora teaches creating the wind. The wind will flow out through the figure, sending the gold flakes of the archtype to help purify the world. Send from the soles of your feet up through your body, effortlessly.
  5. Georgioannes teaches how to get your child to the teacher. Separate yourself from your child. Go where child can learn. Close your eyes, clap 3 times, spin 3 times to the left as your child spins to the right. Say, "My child is ready to go to school, 'Come Azul.'" When you feel a brushing on your hand, the teacher is there.
  6. Clearinda teaches giving the child to the teacher. Say, "Goodby child, I shall return when school is over."
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  8. Charazani teaches the chant: Bru-hu-ho, Ar-ju-na-ho, Fer-a-zil, M'hail-kree. Each syllable is related to one of the transition steps.
  9. Aziuliama teaches repeating this prayer to someone and/or the sending of flakes.
  10. Sandera teaches total compassionate caring coming from the Feminine Ray, binding us together.
  11. Tsora teaches drawing out the strands of the Feminine Ray until your feel it recurring. When you have Feminine Ray Rings, expand, feeling bliss. Expand circles to furthest reaches.
  12. Sihkuoanni teaches balancing voluntary sounds. Center any incoming sound in your inner ear and balance it with Om, sending the balanced sound on.
  13. Featscha teaches balancing involuntary sounds, the sound of each atom there is.

When this is done, hold hands in a circle with all the teachers. There are 13 of us altogether. What cuts sound is between one sound and the next. Try to balance the interfaces between all sounds. When done, go get child from the teacher.

Waiting in the bus station, Yvoannes takes me in spirit up to the top of a pyramid at the height of Lake Titicaca. She gives me a coronation. The physical drop of oil passes through. I gather the 2nd drop--of spiritual oil. It is promise of the capstone of the pyramid when I ascend the last 39 steps.

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